Fairy Tail Episode 509 Revelations and Episode 510 Leaks


Fairy Tail, is back in the news for all the right reasons. Recently released chapter 509 has kept the fans at high emotional turbulence and that will get even more engaging with episode 510 which fans are eagerly waiting. Fans will agree to the point that episode bears the classic signature of the creator of the highly popular manga series, Hiro Mashima. This post contains recap for episode 509 and major spoilers for episode 510.

Fairy Tail Takes Fans on Emotional Ride with Chapters 509 and 510

The Fairy Tail chapter 509 aptly titled Kagura Vs. Larcade included a big revelation from August. It was after defeating Jellal’s guild. This is about Zeref’s only child. He also reveals that this boy was not loved and struggled between light and dark. And before long, the kid decides to move on by being neutral to both. Although while walking away from the scene, August is pretty certain to himself that is there is justice, it exists only because of love.

Another scene opens up with Larcade fighting Lady Kagura. He reveals what August had said that he is the son of Zeref Dragneel and his name is Rahkeid Dragneel. He uses pleasure spells to defeat Kagura which she fights and attacks him with her sword. To her great surprise, Larcade defends with his bare hands. In the end of the episode, Kagura is heading certain death at the hands of her opponent which seems like only Natsu can save her.

Spoilers For Fairy Tail Chapter 510, Natsu’s Heart

Now that it is certain that Larcade is Natsu’s nephew a battle is on the cards between the two. According to Hof Mag, this chapter reveals that Natsu and Zeref’s parents were killed during a dragon raid and sheds more light on their past life. According to the site, we will also see Zeref and Natsu face to face when Natsu punches Zeref only to realize Zeref does not have a real body. On the other hand, Zeref tries to fathom if he still has a place in Natsu’s heart. According to rumors, Zeref predicts Natsu’s death in this chapter.

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