Dragon Ball Super Ep 67 Recap, 68 Spoilers: Son Goku Meets New Foe


Episode 67 of Dragon Ball Super concluded the Future Trunks saga. After defeating evil Zamasu and Black Goku with the help of King Zeno, Son Goku is going to meet a new foe soon.

Episode 67 Recap

The previous Episode 67 of Dragon Ball Super begins on a positive note. Future Trunks first kills off Zamasu. This spreads a wave of joy among all. But this joy does not sustain for long as the evil Zamasu spreads into the entire sky. He makes use of his powers to spread darkness throughout the Earth. Son Goku and others try to use their powers to kill Zamasu but the plan fails.

Amidst all this, when Goku tries to search senzu beans in his pocket, he finds a remote. It is the same remote which King Zeno had given him. He calls King Zeno who then attacks the evil. He erases the future, thereby getting rid of the evil Zamasu.

In this episode, fans can also see Son Goku meeting Future Omni King and current Omni King. He makes both King Zeno meet each other. Another interesting revelation is that Daishinkan is Whis’ father.

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Episode 68 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Episode 68 is titled as Searching for the Dragon Balls to resurrect King Kai, reports Attack Of The Fanboy. The website also reveals the synopsis of this episode. The official synopsis says, “Goku looks for the Dragon Balls in order to bring King Kai back to life. But Bulma and company also have a wish for Shenron. Stay tuned for Goku and company’s next fearsome foe!”

The last sentence drops a hint that a new enemy is coming up after Zamasu and Black Goku. Perhaps, in Dragon Ball Super Episode 68, Son Goku will meet face to face this new enemy. The enemies from Future Trunks Saga story arc kept the Saiyans all the time on toes. It was due to King Zeno’s help, the evil Zamasu and Black Goku were finished off.

Watch the preview of next Dragon Ball Super Episode 68 here:

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