Dragon Ball Super Episode 67 Spoilers: Read Episode 66 Recap


The epic moment in Dragon Ball Super is likely to arrive soon. Future Trunks plays his attacking moves and injured merged Zamasu in Episode 66. Dragon Ball Super Episode 67 perhaps will see the end of Zamasu and Black Goku in the final showdown.

Episode 66 Recap

Episode 66 shows the new form of Goku and Vegeta as they merge together. The fusion of the two Saiyans-Vegito is not easy to push back. As a result, Vegito’s attack on merged Zamasu leaves the villain in deep pain. But this is not the end of the episode. Vegito very soon uses all of its power which leads them to lose the fusion and fans can see Son Goku and Vegeta separated.

When Vegito fusion is over, merged Zamasu tries to kill the two Saiyans once and all. But in the nick of time, Future Trunks appear and creates spirit bomb with his sword and all his power. Without wasting any more time, he stabs Zamasu and cuts him in half.

With this powerful attack, it appears that Future Trunks story arc has finally come to an end. But that may not be the case. Fans know that Zamasu is immortal. Hence, killing him is not the right option. The recent preview of Episode 67 shows a new entry into the scene. He is none other than King Zeno! Will King Zeno blow the final punch to destroy Zamasu? Or will he perform a new technique to seal the evil forever? Read on to know more.

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Episode 67 Preview

The preview of Episode 67 shows King Zeno arriving in the scene. Everyone present appears to be in shock after watching Zeno come. King Zeno’s entry leaves a question in mind – how does he appear there?

The answer to this question lies in the synopsis of Dragon Ball Super Episode 67. According to Blasting News, the attack of Future Trunks will make Zamasu mix in the air. It adds, as per their speculation, this soul of Zamasu is immortal. Zamasu will now perhaps go to search body of Son Goku, as he no longer has a body. This may lead to panic and at that moment Son Goku finds the solution in his pocket.

Son Goku then presses the button that his friend King Zeno gave him during his visit to his world, making the most powerful and dangerous being of the Universe, appear on the scene.

What Happens Next?

King Zeno’s appearance may fear Zamasu. There is a possibility that there may be an epic battle taking place between Zeno and Zamasu. Who will win? Who will die? All this and more will be revealed when the episode airs.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 67 will air on Nov. 20 on Fuji Tv.

Watch the preview here:

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