Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' Chapter 7 Major Leaks


Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ Chapter 7 Leaks And Spoilers

Fans of the popular manga character Boruto are eagerly waiting for chapter 7 to unveil the future actions of the central character and how he plans to defeat the antagonist to free Naruto. However, there are spoilers ahead as we bring in crucial leaks and rumors for the chapter 7 of Boruto Naruto Next Generations’ before it goes on air.

For those who have witnessed the action packed but emotional roller coaster of chapter 6, the next chapter will only take it more intensely as Boruto has decided to accept the quest to save his father. According to HofMag, the emotional stress of Team Konohamaru is pretty relevent when they believe that the bigger problem of Boruto is struggling to get his father’s attention whereas he should think how his father has survived and carried himself without parents. When they make this dawn upon Boruto, he is even more emotionally driven and vows to use his ninja skills to save his father’s life.

Boruto, The Ninja Vows to Save His Father Naruto

Underrating The Antagonist

Well that one mistake you do not want Boruto to make. While he tells his mother that he will be safe, Gaara shakes hands with other Kages to save Naruto from the bad guy. According to sources, it seems that they underrated Momoshiki and it becomes an uphill task for them to defeat him as he is capable of fighting with them on his own. It is also leaked that he has manipulated the use of shadow technique that he uses against the ninja Boruto and seemingly well handles the damages made to him.

Job Well Done?

We will not talk about this part as this will be the final key of the episode. It will be interesting to see if Boruto will beable to save his father Naruto and escape back through the same portal opened by Sasuke he entered with the other Kages.

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