Attack on Titan Season 2 Release Date: Eren to Ditch Mikasa?


Rumors and the Attack on Titan season 2 is going hand in hand lately. The latest rumor, however, will put the rest to shame!

Mikasa, Eren and Armin, for the most part, are a force to reckon with. When the trio have each other’s backs, they always had it easy to get around. Despite one of them getting on the other’s nerves sometimes, they are always a trio. Turns out, things might go astray in the Attack on Titan season 2.

Attack On Titan Season 2 Plot

The plot of the upcoming Attack on Titan season 2 has a retrospective side to it. Besides, it is all about Eren’s roots and some hard-to-digest truths. While the debut season was fierce action for the most part, the successive season is not quite so. It is seemingly a plot with intellectual depth and largely poignant.

Under the circumstances, it is safe to assume that Eren will go through the unthinkable soon enough. That is not the interesting case, however. The imperative is perhaps who will make him suffer the most. He is no stranger to battles, but it is the non-physical pain that takes its toll on Eren. Imagine when it is Mikasa out of all to inflict such a plight!

Eren’s life is on the line in the upcoming season and Mikasa and Armin will aid his survival. How far will they go, though? Parent Herald has it that they might not go far after all. That is surprising indeed, but considering the creators’ idea to change the story arc, it might happen. Zeke, on the other hand, is increasingly hostile towards Eren.

Mikasa And The Imminent Danger

Strong rumors suggest that Mikasa’s life is not without danger, too. A Titan is blood-thirsty for Mikasa and she has to evade the danger. Will the fight prove too dear to her? Will it bring a rough patch in Eren’s and Mikasa’s relationship? The revelations might unfold something that goes against the better interests of their relationship.

For what it is worth, the upcoming season is set to blow everyone’s mind when it releases in Feb. 2017. Believing that the showrunners are incorporating Uprising, Retaking of Wall Maria and Clash of Titans, it is a busy affair. Whatever happens to Eren and Mikasa, it will not interfere with the season becoming anything short of a success.

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