Angelina Jolie Losing Weight, Victim of Her Own Divorce?


Angelina Jolie is the main victim of her own divorce. The Maleficent actress decided to pull the trigger for the demise of her marriage to Brad Pitt. However, it was not her husband who became the casualty. The divorce is killing her slowly, draining every bit of health from her body. She is down to 76 pounds!

When the Unbroken actress lost weight a few months ago, the entire Hollywood was worried. Rumors that she was dying circulated on the Internet culminated by the news that she had passed away. However, it was only one of those celebrity hoaxes. She was then 79 pounds.

After she filed for divorce, she plummeted down to 76 pounds as reported by Wetpaint. Angelina Jolie is a horrible sight in her skinny limbs. She is literally a walking skeleton. The divorce proceedings and the custody battle are taking a toll on the mother-of-six, the report added.

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Gwen Stefani Obsessed While Shelton Bans Miranda Lambert Songs


Blake Shelton bans Gwen Stefani from listening to Miranda Lambert songs. However, the Hair Up singer is becoming obsessed with the album. She wants to know how her rival has portrayed her in her songs. This has caused some friction between the two.

Miranda Lambert’s album, The Weight of These Wings, was successful and well-received by country music fans. While Stefani’s and her boyfriend’s If I’m Honest album have lukewarm reception.

Gavin Rossdale’s ex-wife has not listened to any song from the album yet because Blake Shelton stays with her while filming The Voice. The hunk singer made it a rule never to play any of Lambert’s songs in the house.

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Is Miguel Ferrer Health Rumor a Contrivance? Who is the mole in NCIS LA Season 8?


Miguel Ferrer is still in news for his health issues. Rumors regarding his health and leaving the famous series NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 are rife and still spreading like wildfire. Needless to say what started as dropping a hint for the viewers to arouse curiosity has now turned into a never-ending round of rumors.

It all started when a star cast of NCIS Los Angeles Season 8, LL Cool J spoke in an interview before the arrival of Season 8. He dropped a hint which was nothing less than a bombshell. He said, according to the script, someone has to die in season 8. Since then, there has been no end to the rumors and speculations surfacing.

Miguel Ferrer Illness Rumors Not Taking a Pause

Miguel Ferrer Illness A Gimmick?

The internet is filled with the news of Miguel Ferrer’s illness. The NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 star is speculated to have suffered stroke. According to Morning Ledger, some fans believe his speech is not clear and inaudible in the past few series. It could be due to stroke.

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Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth Wedding Set; Families Keep Details Secret?


Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have been living on cloud nine since they got back together. However, just like any other normal couples, they have misunderstandings, too. Knowing each other for quite some time, they already know how to deal with their differences.

Lately, there have been rumors of a broken engagement and wedding cancellation. Allegedly, the couple is in conflict inside the house because the Wrecking Ball singer is messy especially with her several pets living with them. Her pot smoking and night outs with former friends are also the rumored reasons for their fights.

However, all these are merely rumors according to some people within their circle. In fact, the pair is doing well in dealing with their incompatibilities. Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus’ wedding preparations are efficiently controlled and supervised by the singer and her mother. The couple is just very discreet about the wedding details. Their families are even sworn to secrecy about the wedding as reported by Morning News USA.

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Jim Parsons Leaving The Big Bang Theory For New Sitcom?


Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper of The Big Bang Theory might be leaving the long-running comedy show. The prodigy character of Parsons that became the show’s selling feature might not be seen in the future episodes. He is set to focus on a sitcom with his boyfriend, Todd Spiewak.

Parson plays the role of Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper, a physicist who entered college at age 11 and finished his doctorate degree at the age of 16. His scientific experiments purposed to benefit his community has been beset with government restriction. His pride about his superior intellectual ability is a source of The Big Bang Theory’s comedy.

There were reports saying that a major character will be leaving the show. And it was concluded that Jim Parsons is the one referred to in the report as per Gamenguide.

Jim Parsons Is Dividing His Time With Other TV Shows

The 43-year-old is developing Lance 2.0 together with Spiewalk. They will be working with Eric Norsoph and Alex McAulay who wrote the pilot episode.

Facebook/The Big Bang Theory

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Donald Trump Success Story, Bankruptcy And US Presidency


One of the richest men in America, Donald Trump, did not have an amazing rags-to-riches story. He was bequeathed a huge fortune but experienced bankruptcy. How he bounced back and his journey to the White House is really worth emulating.

The head of the Trump Organization will soon take the reins of one of the world’s powerful country – America. He is set in making America great again.

Donald Trump Having The Best Things In Life

Donald Trump grew up having the best things in life. At the age of six, he was lucky to have witnessed the grand coronation of Queen Elizabeth II with his mother. His mother loves elegance and grandeur which Trump admitted to has inherited.

He enrolled in a private elementary school where his father was a member of the board of trustees. Melania Trump’s husband grew up watching his father build homes and buildings. He also witnessed how his father ran ahead from his business competitors.

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Tom Hiddleston & Taylor Swift Spotted Together, But Not Reuniting


Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift had a short stint of a love affair which ended shortly after blossoming. The much-hyped relationship started in July this year which included several trips together and quite a lot of PDA.

But are they getting back together again? Not really. Hiddleston recently got trolled on social media after being captured in an image along with the Taylor Swift graffiti.

Taylor Swift’s Mocking Artwork

New piece hitting streets soon #streetart #wheatpaste #taylorswift #tomhiddleston #hiddleswift #celebrity #fussyhuman #london #stencil

A photo posted by fussy human (@fussyhuman) on Dec 2, 2016 at 6:44am PST

The said artwork seems to remind the Thor star about his former ex-flame Taylor Swift unintentionally. In a recent incident, he was caught passing through a large piece of street wall art during his morning jog in London.

The graffiti featured Swift with a speech bubble reading, “Oh Tom … I love you too … but …”

It isn’t known whether he was aware on the coincidence or not. But onlookers apparently didn’t miss the chance to snap him. The poster is designed by a London-based artist Fussy Human. The said artist unveiled the image on the internet a day before this incident. Ironic indeed! (Via Hollywood Life)

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Kanye West Released From Hospital, Will Kim Be Able It?


Kanye West was rushed to emergency after a concert meltdown during his Saint Pablo Tour on Nov. 21, 2016. After  a week at the hospital, they released him on Tuesday. Doctors found him responding well to medications.

He was undergoing treatment at the Neuropsychiatric department of  UCLA Medical Center. West almost froze on stage in the middle of a concert in Sacramento. It was after he had performed three songs. He became dysfunctional and they rushed him to the hospital.

Is Kanye West Paranoid?

The doctors put the 39-year-old rapper on medications. He was also under strict medical supervision as he was emotionally unstable. West was under high stress due to sleep deprivation and exhaustion. He appeared to be fearful and suspicious of everyone around and trusted only his wife.

Allegedly, West felt scared about his own safety and appeared to sense some threat to his relationship with Kim Kardashian. He had expressed fear that people were out to get him and ruin his relationship.

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5SOS Split: Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin Forming a Group?


5SOS (5 Seconds of Summer), the Australian rock band is reportedly on the verge of splitting. The rumors of their split first surfaced on social media earlier this year soon after the band’s Sounds Live Feels Live world tour.  There are now reports that suggest that Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin are forming their own two-member group.

5SOS Split Rumors& Reality

The fans of the pop punk band are apparently in a panic mode ever since the rumors about 5SOS possible split started to swirl. The team members are no longer making appearances together, and this is further fuelling the rumors. These days, only singer Hemmings and drummer Irwin are seen together at events, according to reports. The two last appeared together at The Fray concert. (Via Unreality TV).

Is the band really breaking up? There is still no confirmed news on that. The band members are reportedly enjoying their respective vacations.

New Album Details

The Australian band is now on a mini-break, according to reports. 5SOS Guitarist Michael Clifford said earlier that they will be taking a small break from work. He also talked about working on their next project after the break.

Meanwhile, there are reports that suggest that the band is entering the electronic genre for their next album. Billboard reported that the band is going to explore new sound and genre.

However, the band mates have yet to make an announcement on their next album. Their next announcement might take the fans by surprise.

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Kanye West Reaches Human Limitation; Breakdown Causes Insanity?


Kanye West reached the point of his human limitation. He did not notice how thin he has spread himself over so many worries and preoccupation. Then he snapped! He went way below his sanity. He forgot that he is not a machine but a frail human.

According to TMZ, Kim Kardashian’s husband has so much work that he can handle. Sources revealed that the father-of-two had so much emotional load before his hospitalization. He was reportedly beset with so many cares – running his business, a series of concerts, parenting and providing emotional support to his wife who still has not recovered from the trauma of the Paris robbery.

As a result, he lacked sleep and was in deep exhaustion as reported by TMZ. Added to them is his sadness for the loss of his mother who died November of 2007. He could have celebrated her death anniversary if not for his hospitalization.

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