Theo James Exiting Ascendant Spin-Off: Focus on Wedding to Kearney


Divergent stars Theo James and Shailene Woodley evidently don’t seem happy about Ascendant’s cancellation. According to rumors, the duo is giving another thought to star in the spin-off television series. Lionsgate canceled the final part of the science fiction film due to the poor performance of Allegiant.

Theo James Exit from Ascendant Spin-Off TV Series

The announcement of Ascendant cancellation was no less than a shock for Theo James and Shailene Woodley. There was no prior information about the spin-off series plan, although it is still under consideration.

According to Variety, the new story line will rope in new casts too along with the former one. Although no major deals with any networks have taken place until now.

The latest rumors suggest that Theo James has got no interest in starring a television show. There isn’t a huge budget allotted to the show for production which means a pay cut for everyone on board.

Apparently, he wanted to focus on his upcoming film Underworld: Blood Wars. It is also said that one big hit may land him in another big sci-fi franchise. However, James has not yet openly stated his thoughts either about Ascendant spin-off or his exit.

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