Is Miguel Ferrer Health Rumor a Contrivance? Who is the mole in NCIS LA Season 8?


Miguel Ferrer is still in news for his health issues. Rumors regarding his health and leaving the famous series NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 are rife and still spreading like wildfire. Needless to say what started as dropping a hint for the viewers to arouse curiosity has now turned into a never-ending round of rumors.

It all started when a star cast of NCIS Los Angeles Season 8, LL Cool J spoke in an interview before the arrival of Season 8. He dropped a hint which was nothing less than a bombshell. He said, according to the script, someone has to die in season 8. Since then, there has been no end to the rumors and speculations surfacing.

Miguel Ferrer Illness Rumors Not Taking a Pause

Miguel Ferrer Illness A Gimmick?

The internet is filled with the news of Miguel Ferrer’s illness. The NCIS Los Angeles Season 8 star is speculated to have suffered stroke. According to Morning Ledger, some fans believe his speech is not clear and inaudible in the past few series. It could be due to stroke.

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