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Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot Reveals Trailer, Poster, Hints Ares Presence?


Wonder Woman, a DCU superhero film, finally comes out with its latest trailer and poster. Even though there may not be many plot details shown, but to keep the fans excited some important aspects get revealed over the central villain.

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— Zack Snyder (@ZackSnyder) October 21, 2016

Further, hints come over Ares playing up as a behind-the-scenes player. Starting with the first few scenes in the trailer, fans see that the scientists are in the process of running a test.

They plan making a chemical warfare for WWI battlefield. Then there comes out a protective gas which surpasses the protective equipment. In the next scene comes Danny Huston’s character.

In addition, he is boasting over ruling the entire world in days to come. This series of events give a feeling that he will playing Area in the movie.

Wonder. Power. Courage. #WonderWoman

— #WonderWoman (@WonderWomanFilm) November 3, 2016

Moreover, the new trailer also shows vivid and beautiful colors. The credit for cinematography goes to Matthew Jensen. And even director Patty Jenkins for taking a right approach for creating the Wonder Woman’s world.

Notably, Wonder Woman is therefore, an interesting mix of different characters with a power packed war cum fantasy storylines. As seen earlier this year in Batman v Superman, Gal Gadot continues to be an iconic hero in her solo film.

Forbes reports that her intense spirit of a strong warrior combined with her curiosity to know about the uncertainty of “modern world” will show her more idealistic nature.

Likewise, keeping in mind the above details, the superheroine is definitely a highly popular and much liked DC character at all times. Right from her first TV show both critics as well as audiences have appreciated her character.

Some speculations over the trailer state that the film is taking the route similar to first Captain America movie. There is the historical heroes fight which gets discarded in favor of its classic comic book villains.

Wonder Woman hits theaters in June 2017. Take a look at the new trailer right here.

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