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The Conjuring: Must Watch During Halloween For More Thrills and Chills


The Conjuring, according to director André Øvredal, falls under the category of the best fit Halloween watch. He gives credit to James Wan for the thrill and chills this movie can elicit in its audience.

The director also spoke about his new horror film The Autopsy of Jane Doe. In the movie, Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch terrify the audience. The father and son mortician duo in their quest to spot the cause of the death of Titular’s character. Their experience turns bizarre and scary, also a must watch during the Halloweens.

Explaining why he chose this story, Øvredal explains that he got taken up by the script written by Ian Goldberg and Richard Naing. The script involved a very interesting interplay between the two characters and just reading the script gave him goose bumps and chills down his spine.

The director says it’s a different kind of treat as compared to what he dished out in 2010’s Trollhunter.   He also says that he was extremely inspired by The Conjuring. The filmmaker has highly recommended it as a perfect Halloween watch, as revealed by EW.

Ovredal recalled a time in 2013 when he came out completely enthralled and floored watching The Conjuring. He was so taken up with the movie that he immediately got in touch with his agents. According to him, he got them all charged up to look for a horror script.

Speaking about why The Conjuring is just a fabulous pick for Halloween, he explains how the characters play out their roles so well in good time and space. They actually prepare the viewers for the mighty trouble the characters will land in. The whole movie feels original in a brilliant way. As a result, it created fear, terror, and unease in the audience. The Conjuring clearly belongs to a superior class and is a lesson on how to direct horror.

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