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Logan Movie Trailer: Features Lady Deathstrike Along with Reavers?


Lady Deathstrike and Reavers join hands to make an appearance in Logan. The movie confirmed the announcement that Donald Pierce and Caliban being included in the film. Since then, the news came up over Lady Deathstrike and Reavers too to come together to fight against the Wolverine.

Notably, it is not just the Marvel Comics version in which Lady Deathstrike gets featured. The character did appear in animated series of X-Men in 1992. The movie X2: X-Men United, on the other hand, explored her role to a limited level. And sadly, the character was not at all up to the mark. This left the fans a bit disheartened in the end.

But now, Lady Deathstrike complete character will receive full justice in Logan movie. She will feature as a lieutenant for Donald Pierce’s team of cyborgs called the Reavers.

Furthermore moving on to whom Donald Pierce thinks of recruiting to play the part of lieutenant for Reavers in Logan movie. There comes a strong possibility for Lady Deathstrike to be in that position. She matches perfectly for the role with right weapons to make use of against Wolverine. Since she carries an undying hatred towards Wolverine she becomes a very dangerous enemy for Wolverine to confront.

According to Movie Pilot, Lady Deathstrike’s former name was Yuriko Oyama. This was prior to mutant Spiral making use of some special machine for attaching the cyborg components with Yuriko’s body.  During this process. she got the adamantium claws as well. She used these claws for combating with Wolverine’s claws.

Taking into considering Logan’s announcement over Reavers being present in the film, it does become an undeniable fact that Lady Deathstrike will show up beside Donald Pierce. She also has a very pivotal role in Reaver’s team in comics. This does make her an ideal candidate. She can become a powerful leader for the team in the film.

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