Comedian John Oliver devoted his final episode of 2016 to explain how to come to terms with the surprising Presidential win of Donald Trump. He asked, “How the f— did we get here, and what do we do now?”

As per Fortune, John Oliver went through all of Trump’s controversial campaign promises. This includes deporting millions of illegal immigrants, banning the entry of Muslims in the US, advocating bombing civilians and promising to curb the freedom of the press. Oliver did not agree with the pundits that said that Trump should be given a chance.

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He explained, “It can feed into the normalization of Donald Trump. And he’s not normal. He’s abnormal. So giving him a chance in the sense of not speaking out immediately against policies he’s proposed is dangerous—because some of them are alarming.”

Role Of Media

Oliver explained how social media, especially Facebook, may have helped Donald Trump win the Presidential elections. He also made a note of the role of cable news networks in this regard. He pointed out that even CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker admitted that the network made a mistake by airing too many of Trump’s speeches and rallies without any comment.

Oliver also lamented that many people nowadays get news from “micro-targeted” media. He explained that “fake facts circulate on social media to a frightening extent.” To back this up, he gave an example of a study that claimed 44% of Americans get news through Facebook.

Oliver also played a few video clips telling that he had misled his followers by misinforming them of facts found on the Internet, Donald Trump said that it was not his responsibility to check the veracity of the information.

Oliver said, “Weird conspiracy bullshit has always been bubbling under the surface. But, Trump was the first major candidate to harness and fully legitimize it.”

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