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Marilyn Manson Beheads Donald Trump; Rips the Bible Apart in 'Say10'


Marilyn Manson’s upcoming album has a promo and it is bad-to-the-bone. A video for Say10 features a Donald Trump spoof minus the head!

Marilyn Manson knows his time. Perhaps, just when things are amiss, he delivers. His delivery, however, is nothing shy of his routine brutality. Apart from his recurring Bible-shaming motif, he addresses some contemporary issues. Donald Trump, for instance!

Marilyn Manson’s Donald Trump Take

Case in point, the shock rocker is not quite a fan of politics. That comes as no surprise, given the singer’s extremely controversial lifestyle. He puts forth his thoughts on the 2016’s Presidential elections in subtle way earlier. Besides, he did not want to choose between “cat s–t and dog s–t”. Furthermore, his promo video is a reflection of his feeling towards Donald Trump.

The Daily Beast reports the minute-long promo of Marilyn Manson’s upcoming album, Say10. Marilyn begins by ripping the pages of Revelations 13 out of a Bible while singing, Cash is the poor man’s money.

In addition to that, the backdrop send out eerie vibes and it is shady for the most part. The abomination, so far, is still mellow. Considering what comes next, of course.

As if tearing the Bible was not enough, he goes on to behead someone. Here is the crux, folks. A person lies in a pool of blood and has his head missing. Marilyn Manson, on the other hand, stands facing the victim and he has knife in one hand and a head in the other. Furthermore, head has the “Trump hair” and the victim has the Trump’s signature suit and the red tie. Great!

Album Highlights

Marilyn has a few words to talk about the album and the promo video. He adds that the promo is open to fans’ interpretations. Nicely put, Marilyn! Very subtle, indeed.

Before the voting day, he made his feelings clear that irrespective of the results, visuals are solely for contemplation. In addition to that, he says that there is a bigger picture than the people believing in an unbeliever.

Say10 is releasing on Feb. 14, 2017. With Marilyn, it is always special. Hence, the Valentine’s day release. Marilyn Manson thinks that he can make a bigger difference from his track than he can make from voting. Under the circumstances, he is making some brutal statement for sure. All said and done, watch the promo below.

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