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One-Hit Wonder Music that Resulted to Entire Album’s Insanity


The one-hit wonder status is a major booster in sales even in this digital age. Musicians all over the world have achieved success by just having one nice song. Most people never got the chance to listen to the entire album, and that is a shame. It only means that one misses the pieces of the musician’s work.

One-hit Wonder History


MmmBop is a song that filled the airwaves in the 90’s. The crowd buys this as long as it is catchy. When you listen to the entire album, the song Man from Milwaukee is quite noticeable, Cracked reported. It is about a creepy bald guy you meet at a bus stop. He then starts acting very suspicious and all of a sudden disappears.

The Spin Doctor

The artists also have technically one and a half hit in their first album. For the Spin Doctor, it is the debut album Pocket Full of Kryptonite. Their first track called Jimmy Olsen Blues is one crappy song! It talks about the character Jimmy Olsen who is in love with Lois Lane and jealous of the Man of Steel. Yes, that Lois Lane from Superman.

However, there is no indication that the song is a metaphorical representation of anything.  Also, Spin Doctor is fond of using the term ‘little miss’ which is a prominent element on the entire album. The lyrics also feature superman jokes. It will only make sense in the perspective that the singer is talking about Superman for real.

Carl Douglas

He is the guy behind the hit Kung-Fu Fighting. The song is from the hit movie Kung-Fu Panda. The song came from his 1974 album entitled Kung-Fu fighting and other Love Songs. The next track after the famed song, Douglas talked about the fear of burning people at stake for witchcraft. Throughout the song, he seems to be unaware that witches are not real. He used burning witches as the most awful metaphor for beating ass.

It may be a totally wrong interpretation but it is rather not hard to think that this is the funkiest and sexist crap anyone has ever heard. Those are the historical one-hit wonder history that resulted to entire album’s insanity.

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