73+ Best Donald Trump Jokes Collection

In this uproarious and light-hearted article, we will delve into the realm of humor with 73+ Donald Trump jokes. Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, has been a prominent figure in both politics and entertainment. Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that his charismatic personality and unique antics have provided ample material for comedians and jokesters alike. Let’s explore a variety of rib-tickling jokes, from one-liners to amusing stories, all centered around the colorful character that is Donald Trump.

Meet Donald Trump: A Comedic Funny Profile

Donald Trump, a man with a hairstyle that defies the laws of gravity and a personality that knows no bounds, has been the subject of countless jokes since he entered the political arena. With a penchant for bold statements and a Twitter presence that has captured the attention of the world, Trump’s comedic profile is nothing short of extraordinary.

One-Liners Donald Trump Jokes For Instagram

  • “Why did Donald Trump become a politician? So he could finally build a wall and make his hairline great again!”
  • “They say Trump has tiny hands, but it’s not true. They’re actually the perfect size for tweeting up a storm!”
  • “If you want to find Trump’s tax returns, just follow the yellow brick road of bankruptcies!”
  • “Why did Donald Trump always carry a pen? To ‘sign’ his approval on everything, of course!”
  • “I asked Donald Trump how he got his glowing tan. He said, ‘I just stand next to a lampshade and let the magic happen!'”
  • “Why did Trump cross the road? To get to the other side of the border wall!”
  • “What do you call it when Donald Trump is surfing the web? ‘Tweeting’ the internet!”
  • “If Donald Trump had a dollar for every time he said ‘tremendous,’ he’d be a gazillionaire!”
  • “I told Donald Trump a joke about construction, but he didn’t get it. It went right over his wall!”
  • “Why did Trump go to art school? To perfect the art of the deal, of course!”
  • “What’s Donald Trump’s favorite dessert? Im-peach-mint!”
  • “Why did Trump open a casino? He wanted to show everyone he could still play his cards right!”
  • “Donald Trump’s speeches are like onions – they always bring a tear to your eye!”
  • “Why did Trump join the beekeeping club? He loves anything with a ‘sting’ in the tail!”
  • “What did Trump say to the Diet Coke? ‘You’re hired!'”
  • “Why did Donald Trump become a baker? To make America grate again!”
  • “They say Trump’s diet consists mainly of fast food. No wonder he’s lovin’ it!”
  • “Why did Donald Trump love working on crossword puzzles? He enjoyed putting ‘U’ before ‘S’!”
  • “What’s Donald Trump’s favorite song? ‘All About That Base’ – he loves talking about the polls!”
Jokes About Donald Trump

Funny Jokes About Donald Trump

  • “Why did Donald Trump start a garden? To make America ‘sprout’ again!”
  • “What do you call it when Trump becomes a weather forecaster? A ‘storm’ of tweets!”
  • “They say Trump was a great golfer. He had a fantastic ‘swing state’!”
  • “Why did Donald Trump invest in orange juice futures? He wanted to secure his natural color!”
  • “I told Trump a joke about Wall Street, but he didn’t get it. He thought it was about his border wall!”
  • “What did Donald Trump say when he met the Queen of England? ‘Your reign is tremendous!'”
  • “Why did Trump bring a ladder to the bar? He wanted to reach new ‘heights’ of success!”
  • “I heard Trump is considering a career in music. His first hit? ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want!'”
  • “Why did Donald Trump join a band? He wanted to be the ‘Commander-in-Beat’!”
  • “What’s Donald Trump’s favorite dance move? The ‘wallflower’!”
  • “What did Donald Trump say when he saw a UFO? ‘Build a wall – we don’t need any aliens here!'”
  • “Why did Trump become a pilot? He loved the idea of being above it all!”
  • “They say Trump is a coffee aficionado. His favorite? ‘Caf-fein-ted’!”
  • “What did Donald Trump say when he became a detective? ‘I’m great at uncovering the truth!'”
  • “Why did Trump take up gardening? He wanted to ‘grow’ the economy himself!”
  • “What’s Donald Trump’s favorite game? ‘You’re Fired!’ – a fun twist on Monopoly!”
  • “Why did Donald Trump go to the casino on Election Day? He thought he could bet on the results!”
  • “Why did Trump open a bakery? He thought it was time to make some ‘dough’!”
  • “What did Donald Trump say when he met a fortune teller? ‘You’re fired – you should have seen that coming!'”
Funny Jokes About Donald Trump

Story Jokes About Donald Trump

  • “The Art of the Joke” Once upon a time, Donald Trump decided to take up stand-up comedy. He thought he could bring his business acumen to the world of jokes. His first gig was in a small comedy club, and he nervously walked on stage. The audience waited in anticipation. But as he started telling jokes, he couldn’t help but turn them into pitches for his hotels and resorts. Needless to say, the crowd wasn’t amused, and he learned that comedy and self-promotion don’t always go hand in hand.
  • “The Trump Tower Prank” Donald Trump once played a prank on his security team in Trump Tower. He hired a look-alike to pretend to be him and walked out of the building without anyone noticing. The impersonator managed to convince everyone that he was the real Trump, leaving the security team baffled.
  • “The Tweet That Backfired” One day, Donald Trump decided to take a break from politics and try his hand at comedy writing. He crafted what he thought was a hilarious joke about his infamous hair. Excitedly, he posted it on Twitter, only to receive a barrage of negative comments and ridicule. Turns out, even the master of tweets can’t always get it right when it comes to humor.
  • “Trump’s Tall Tale” Donald Trump loved telling stories about his life, and sometimes they were a bit exaggerated. One day, he claimed he had single-handedly built the Great Wall of China in record time. People around him knew it was just a tall tale, but they played along, laughing at the absurdity of the claim.
  • “The Apprentice’s Prank” During his time on “The Apprentice,” Trump decided to prank his contestants. He set up a fake boardroom meeting and pretended to fire one of the contestants as a joke. The poor contestant’s face turned white as a sheet, but just when they thought it was all over, Trump revealed the truth.

Key Takeaway

Donald Trump’s journey in the realm of comedy has been one filled with laughs, surprises, and occasional gaffes. From one-liners that poke fun at his hair and tweets to hilarious stories that showcase his larger-than-life personality, comedians have found an endless source of material in the former President. Despite his polarizing nature, it’s clear that Donald Trump has left an indelible mark on the comedic landscape.

One-Liners Donald Trump Jokes For Instagram

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