107+ Hawaiian Jokes to Tickle Your Tropics

Aloha, laughter-seekers and mirthful wanderers! Prepare to embark on a tropical journey of humor that’ll have you swaying in the breeze with laughter. We’re about to dive into a wave of Hawaiian jokes that’ll transport you to sandy shores, swaying palm trees, and an ocean of giggles. From hula-larious one-liners to uproarious tales from the islands, this article is your passport to a paradise of chuckles. So, don your virtual lei, kick back with a coconut, and let’s set sail into the world of Hawaiian hilarity.

Best Hawaiian Jokes

  • Why did the pineapple stop in the middle of the road? It ran out of juice!
  • How do you make a Hawaiian quilt? Sew-sew-tropical!
  • What do you call a surfing cow? Udderly tubular!
  • Why did the Hawaiian volcano start a blog? It had some steamy stories to share!
  • What did the palm tree say to the coconut tree? “You’re nuts, but I’m coconuts!”
  • How do you greet a crab in Hawaii? With a shell-o!
  • What’s a Hawaiian’s favorite type of music? Ukulele’n’B!
  • Why did the scarecrow go to Hawaii? To see the outstanding pineapple fields!
  • How do you compliment a Hawaiian chef? “Your cooking is on poi!”
  • What do you call a surfing Hawaiian pig? A “ham”mering wave rider!
  • Why did the beach blush? Because the sea-weed!
  • What do you call a snobbish wave? Tsunami-ous!
  • Why was the sand wet? Because the seaweed!
  • What’s a Hawaiian’s favorite karaoke song? “Aloha It’s Me!”
  • Why did the computer go to the luau? To get some bytes!
One-Liner Hawaiian Jokes

One-Liner Hawaiian Jokes

  • Hawaii has great Wi-Fi. It’s always catching some waves!
  • Why did the coconut go to therapy? It had too much emotional baggage!
  • Don’t challenge a volcano to a fight. It might blow up!
  • Surfing is like relationships – sometimes you catch the perfect wave, other times you wipe out spectacularly!
  • I tried to make a Hawaiian pizza, but it just wasn’t “pine” enough!
  • What did the Hawaiian shirt say to the button? “You hold me together, man!”
  • Why do Hawaiian ghosts hang out in old surfboards? They’re board ghosts looking for some thrills!
  • Hula dancers have great job security. They always know how to shake things up!
  • Did you hear about the Hawaiian musician who surfed on his guitar? He rocked the waves!
  • Coconuts are like introverts – they’re hard to crack open, but once you do, they’re full of surprises!
  • Why did the pineapple refuse to fight? It was scared of getting grilled!
  • How do Hawaiians stay cool in summer? They’re masters of the breeze!
  • What’s a Hawaiian’s favorite punctuation mark? The ex-kiwi-amation point!
  • How do you invite a wave to a party? You send out a sea-mail invitation!
  • Why was the sand embarrassed? Because the sea kept telling it salty jokes!

Funny Jokes About Hawaiian

  • Why don’t Hawaiians ever get lost? They always follow their “aloha” instincts!
  • What do you call a Hawaiian who’s always late? A “lu-wait-ion”!
  • Why did the Hawaiian chef get fired? He couldn’t make up his “mahi” mind!
  • What did the Hawaiian volcano say to the tourist? “Lava good time here!”
  • How do Hawaiians communicate? They use “pidgin” English!
  • What’s a Hawaiian’s favorite type of math? Hula-geometry!
  • How does a Hawaiian get fit? By doing the hula-hooplah workout!
  • Why did the surfer bring a ladder to the beach? In case the waves were too “high” for him!
  • Why did the Hawaiian wear a snorkel to dinner? In case he wanted to dive into dessert!
  • What do you call a Hawaiian hot dog? A “puka” dog, of course!
  • Why did the pineapple get a sunburn? It didn’t have enough “shade”!
  • How do Hawaiians make decisions? They let the “trade winds” guide them!
  • Why was the palm tree a great student? It had a lot of “palm-reading” practice!
  • What’s a Hawaiian’s favorite superhero? Aquaman, but with a lei!
  • Why did the Hawaiian musician refuse to play reggae? It was too “rooted” in island rhythms!

Crazy Jokes for Hawaiian

  • What’s a Hawaiian’s favorite board game? “Monopole-ia” – where every property is a beach!
  • Why did the surfboard apply for a job? It wanted to ride the career wave!
  • How do Hawaiians prefer their eggs? Surfin’ sunny-side up!
  • Why do Hawaiian ghosts hang out on the internet? They love to “surf” the web!
  • How do you catch a wave’s attention? You “shell” out some compliments!
  • Why did the seashell blush? It saw the ocean’s bottom!
  • Why don’t Hawaiians ever get locked out? They always have a “lei” to the front door!
  • What do you call a Hawaiian who can predict the weather? A “kahu”-tastrologer!
  • How does a Hawaiian fish pay its bills? With “seaweed” money, of course!
  • What’s a Hawaiian’s favorite part of a book? The “hula”-graph!
  • Why did the coconut bring a towel to the beach? To have a “dry” sense of humor!
  • How do you fix a broken ukulele? With a “string” of luck!
  • What’s a Hawaiian’s favorite ice cream flavor? Macadamia nut-ty!
  • Why did the palm tree bring a fan to the party? It wanted to “palm” down the heat!
  • How do Hawaiians exercise their minds? Through “lei”-ned thinking!

Hilarious Jokes on Hawaiian

  • Why did the pineapple go to therapy? It had too many layers to peel back!
  • How do Hawaiians stay so relaxed? They’re experts at “hammock” therapy!
  • What did the Hawaiian volcano say when it was asked if it’s hot? “Lava-ishly so!”
  • Why was the sand always so polite? It had “beach” manners!
  • What do you call a Hawaiian who’s always daydreaming? An “Aloha” daydreamer!
  • Why did the hula dancer get a medal? She had the best “hip-tion” skills!
  • How do you become a wave scientist? You “sea” all the possibilities!
  • Why did the pineapple refuse to argue? It didn’t want to get “juiced” into it!
  • What’s a Hawaiian’s favorite movie genre? Surf-prise endings!
  • How does a Hawaiian tree send messages? It uses “coconet” to stay connected!
  • Why did the ocean break up with the pond? It needed more “depth” in its relationships!
  • What’s a Hawaiian’s favorite type of humor? Lei-d back jokes!
  • Why was the surfer always calm during storms? He had excellent “tide”-eas!
  • How does a Hawaiian fruit apologize? It says, “I’m sorry, I was just being a little pine-ocious!”
  • Why did the ocean go to therapy? It had too many unresolved “deep” issues!


And there you have it, a laughter-filled luau of Hawaiian jokes that’s sure to leave you in stitches. We hope these tropical tidbits brought some sunshine to your day and a little bit of aloha spirit to your heart. Remember, laughter is the key to unlocking the paradise within, so keep these jokes close whenever you need a dose of cheerful charm. If you’re hungry for more giggles, head over to our website where you’ll find a treasure trove of humor waiting to be discovered. Mahalo and keep those smiles shining brighter than the Hawaiian sun!

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