107+ Hilarious LGBT Jokes: Laughter With No Boundaries

Welcome to a side-splitting journey through some of the funniest LGBT jokes you’ll ever come across! Humor is a universal language, and jokes bring people together through laughter. This collection is a lighthearted celebration of the LGBT community and its allies, meant to entertain and delight readers from all walks of life.

Embracing diversity and inclusivity, these jokes aim to break down barriers and show that laughter knows no boundaries. So, get ready to chuckle, giggle, and guffaw as we dive into the world of LGBT humor, featuring one-liners, funny jokes, crazy jokes, and long, rib-tickling stories. Let’s spread smiles and celebrate the joy of laughter!

Best LGBT Jokes

  • The Accepting Grandma: When I came out to my grandma, she smiled and said, “I’m so proud of you! I always knew you’d grow up to have great taste.”
  • Rainbow in the Office: Why did the LGBT flag go to work? It wanted to show its true colors!
  • The Pride Parade Pup: How do you know if your dog supports LGBT rights? He starts wagging his tail at the Pride parade!
  • Love is Love: Why was the geometry book supportive of LGBT rights? It knew that all lines are equal!
  • The Perfect Match: My partner and I are like two puzzle pieces – different but fit perfectly together, and there’s no picture of a man and a woman on our box!
  • The LGBTQ+ Chef: Why did the chef join the Pride parade? He heard it was a great place to find a recipe for love!
  • The Supportive Dad Joke: Dad: “Son, are you gay?” Son: “Yeah, Dad, I am.” Dad: “Well, I love you no matter what. Just promise me you’ll still mow the lawn.”
  • Rainbow Umbrella: How do LGBT individuals stay dry in the rain? They use a rainbow umbrella, of course!
  • The Inclusive Restaurant: I went to a restaurant where the chef only cooks dishes with ingredients that support LGBT rights. It’s called “Queer Cuisine!”
  • The Bisexual Weather Forecast: The weatherman said it’s going to be bi today. I’m not sure if he meant bisexual or bipolar weather!
  • Love Is All-Inclusive: Why did the rainbow go to counseling? It was struggling with commitment issues, as it couldn’t choose just one color!
  • The Inclusive School: A teacher asked her students, “What’s the best thing about our school?” A student replied, “We don’t discriminate, we celebrate!”

One Liner LGBT Jokes

  • Proud and Punny: I used to be in a band called “1023 MB,” but we couldn’t get any gigs. We were just too queer.
  • The Rainbow Farmer: What did the gay farmer say when he planted his crops? “Seeds, please grow into fabulous plants!”
  • The Colorful Road: Why was the LGBT activist always a safe driver? They never crossed the rainbow road without using indicators!
  • Two Left Feet: My friend said he was gay when it came to dancing because he could never find the right partner.
  • Equality in Mathematics: In the world of math, 1 + 1 equals 2, 1 – 1 equals 0, and love knows no gender!
  • The Fashionista: How do LGBT fashion designers greet each other? “Hey, queen! How’s your latest collection going?”
  • The Proud Zoo: What do you call a zoo where all the animals are part of the LGBT community? A gay-thering!
  • Pronoun Party: My non-binary friend threw a party for pronouns only. It was so inclusive; everyone was welcome!
  • The Joy of Colors: Why did the painter come out as gay? Because he finally found the courage to add a little color to his life!
  • The LGBT Geek: Why was the computer in the closet? It hadn’t come out of the binary yet!
  • The Accepting Dictionary: Did you hear about the open-minded dictionary? It added “queer” as an adjective, and “gay” became synonymous with “happy”!
  • The LGBT Love Story: Two female atoms met and fell in love. It was a chemical reaction like no other!
  • The Supportive Parents: “Mom, Dad, I’m gay.” “We know, dear. We love you for who you are, not who you love.”
  • Equal Pay for Purr-fect Work: Why did the cat get a raise? Because it demanded purr-equality for all its hard work!
Funny Jokes about LGBT

Funny Jokes about LGBT

  • The Ambitious LGBT Snail: What did the LGBT snail say when it hopped on the turtle’s back? “Wheee, fast travel!”
  • The Drag Queen Contractor: My contractor is fantastic! He can build anything and look fabulous while doing it!
  • The Inclusive Haunted House: Why did the ghost couple feel comfortable at the LGBT-friendly haunted house? Because it was BOO-tifully accepting!
  • The Family Portrait: I asked my daughter to draw our family, and she included me, her other mom, and our three cats. It was the purr-fect portrait!
  • The Proud Baker: My friend’s bakery makes the best LGBTQ+ cupcakes. They’re filled with acceptance and frosted with love!
  • The Punny Love: I told my partner that our love is like math – it’s undefined, irrational, and cannot be divided!
  • The Time Traveler Joke: What’s a time traveler’s favorite Pride event? A “Back to the Futurama” party!
  • The Fashionably Late Wedding: Two LGBT fashion designers had a late wedding. They said, “We needed time to hem and haw!”
  • The Supportive Grandma: When I came out to my grandma, she said, “I knew it! You never took an interest in your cousin’s Barbie dolls.”
  • The Open-Minded Doctor: My doctor asked if I was in a same-sex relationship. I said, “Yes,” and he replied, “Well, two are better than one!”
  • The Accepting Bartender: A man asked the bartender, “Do you have any LGBT-friendly cocktails?” The bartender replied, “Sure, all our drinks are ‘out’ and proud!”
  • The Rainbow Alarm: My LGBT alarm clock wakes me up with a rainbow sound every morning. It’s the most colorful start to the day!
  • The Accepting Hair Salon: My hairdresser is a member of the LGBT community, and I love that he always knows how to make me feel fabulous!

Crazy Jokes for LGBT

  • The Fabulous Race: A tortoise, a hare, and a fabulous unicorn decided to have a race. Guess who won? The hare couldn’t keep up with the flair!
  • The Inclusive Orchestra: Why did the conductor invite the LGBT marching band to perform at the symphony? Because they added extra “pride” to the music!
  • The Magic Wand: A magician was asked to perform at the LGBT party. He pulled out his wand and turned everyone into fierce divas!
  • The Fashionable Magician: Why was the LGBT magician so popular? They always pulled the rabbit out of a rainbow top hat!
  • The Flamboyant Fish: Two fish were swimming side by side, and one asked, “How do you feel about same-sex relationships?” The other replied, “Well, I think love is a current we all share!”
  • The Roller Coaster Ride: What do you call an amusement park exclusively for LGBT individuals? A roller coast-out!
  • The Inventive Chef: Why did the chef make an all-LGBT menu? They wanted their dishes to be flam-boy-ant and full of pride!
  • The Epic Chess Match: Two chess players, an LGBT knight, and an LGBT bishop had a grand tournament. It was a battle for the queer!
  • The Proud Architect: Why did the LGBT architect always win design awards? Because they could build castles in the sky and fabulous homes on the ground!
  • The Legendary Treasure Hunt: A group of adventurers set out to find the legendary pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. They found love and acceptance instead!
  • The Daring Pilot: Why did the LGBT pilot’s plane have rainbow wings? So they could soar to new heights and leave a trail of acceptance wherever they flew!
  • The Inclusive Art Gallery: A famous artist held an LGBT art exhibition. Critics said it was “canvas-ingly” colorful!”
One Liner LGBT Jokes

Hilarious Jokes on LGBT

  • The Unforgettable Wedding: At the LGBT wedding, they had a cake with a rainbow on it. It was a piece of “life of pie”!
  • The Ice Cream Parlor: Why did the LGBT ice cream parlor close down? Their customers couldn’t resist the temptation to be “out” of control with their toppings!
  • The Daring Fashion Show: Why did the LGBT fashion show feature pets as models? Because they wanted to show off their “cat-walkers”!
  • The Supportive Optician: An LGBT person went to get glasses, and the optician said, “You have 20/20 vision for fabulousness!”
  • The Colorful Kite: Why was the LGBT kite flying higher than the others? It had an extra dose of pride lifting it up!
  • The Tailor’s Pride: The tailor specialized in making LGBT outfits. His tagline: “Dress fabulously or don’t dress at all!”
  • The LGBT Library: What did the librarian say when the LGBT book club borrowed a new book? “Check it out, it’s a real page-turner!”
  • The Fortune Teller: The LGBT fortune teller predicted that the future is full of glitter and rainbows. “You’re in for a fabulous time!”
  • The Accepting Gardener: Why did the gardener invite all the LGBT plants to a party? Because they wanted their garden to be blooming with diversity!
  • The Perfect Matchmaker: Why did the LGBT matchmaker have a successful track record? Because they knew how to find soulmates that were truly “in-tents”!
  • The Gourmet Chef: At the LGBT chef’s restaurant, every dish had a twist. It was a place where spices and acceptance danced together!
  • The Rainbow Wizard: A wizard granted an LGBT person three wishes. The first wish: to change the world. The second wish: to make love unconditional. The third wish: unlimited sequins for all outfits!

Long LGBT Jokes

  • The Extraterrestrial Equality: A UFO from a distant galaxy landed in a small town on Earth. When the extraterrestrial beings emerged, they were greeted with curiosity and wonder. The town’s residents quickly learned that these aliens were not just any visitors; they were advocates of love and equality. The extraterrestrials shared their advanced knowledge with the humans, inspiring them to work together in harmony. The town experienced a cultural exchange, and the residents learned to celebrate diversity and embrace inclusivity. As the time came for the aliens to return to their galaxy, they left behind a message of hope, urging humanity to continue striving for a world where everyone could live with respect, dignity, and acceptance.
  • The LGBT Time Travelers: In a top-secret laboratory, a group of brilliant scientists had invented a time machine. The first group of volunteers to test the machine was a diverse team of LGBT individuals. As they stepped into the time machine, they embarked on a journey through history, visiting key moments that shaped the world. In ancient civilizations, they met LGBT pioneers who had subtly challenged the norms of their time. They witnessed historical events where love had triumphed over adversity. The time travelers returned to the present, filled with a renewed sense of pride in their community’s resilience throughout history. They knew that their journey had not only inspired them but also had the potential to inspire generations to come.


Laughter is a powerful force that can unite us all, regardless of our backgrounds or identities. Through these hilarious LGBT jokes, we’ve explored humor that celebrates diversity, promotes inclusivity, and reminds us to embrace love in all its forms. These jokes serve as a reminder that we are all interconnected by the common thread of laughter and joy.

So, whether you’re part of the LGBT community or an ally, remember to share a smile, spread laughter, and stand together in support of love and acceptance. Let’s continue to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and create a world where everyone can be their true selves without fear of judgment.

We hope these jokes brightened your day and left you feeling uplifted. For more humor and entertainment, visit our website, where laughter knows no bounds! Keep the spirit of laughter alive, and may your days be filled with joy, love, and acceptance.

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