70+ Meghan Markle Jokes: A Royal Laughter Riot!

Welcome to a comedic journey filled with 70+ jokes about Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, and former actress. Meghan Markle’s marriage to Prince Harry brought her into the spotlight and has since been a subject of various hilarious jokes and one-liners. In this article, we’ll explore a funny profile of Meghan Markle, share 20 rib-tickling one-liners for Instagram, and present 20 funny jokes about the Duchess herself. Additionally, we’ll delve into five amusing story jokes related to Meghan Markle, all guaranteed to leave you in stitches.

Meet Meghan Markle: A Comedic Funny Profile

Meghan Markle, born on August 4, 1981, in Los Angeles, California, made a name for herself as an American actress before joining the British Royal Family. Known for her role as Rachel Zane in the legal drama series “Suits,” Meghan’s life took a delightful turn when she met Prince Harry. With her charm, wit, and radiant smile, Meghan Markle won the hearts of millions worldwide. Here’s a glimpse into her comedic persona:

The Royal Giggler

Meghan’s laughter is contagious; she can light up any room with her infectious smile. Some say her laugh is so infectious that even Queen Elizabeth couldn’t resist joining in.

The Quirky Duchess

Despite her royal status, Meghan hasn’t lost her quirkiness. She’s been spotted dancing to pop hits and doing goofy impressions of fellow royals behind palace doors.

One-Liners Meghan Markle Jokes for Instagram

  • “Meghan Markle walked into a bar, and the bartender said, ‘Why the long face?’ She replied, ‘Oh, I just miss my old acting gig, that’s all.'”
  • “Why did Meghan Markle bring a ladder to the royal wedding? She wanted to ‘climb’ the social ladder, of course!”
  • “Meghan Markle’s favorite type of humor? Royal-tea!”
  • “How does Meghan Markle like her tea? Princely sweet and royally funny!”
  • “What did Meghan Markle say when someone asked if she’s enjoying married life? ‘It’s a royal pain in the funny bone!'”
  • “Did you hear about Meghan Markle’s stint as a stand-up comedian? She was a real ‘queen’ of comedy!”
  • “Meghan Markle once tried her hand at puns, but it was ‘reign’ pain for her fans!”
  • “Why did Meghan Markle join a comedy club? She wanted to add some ‘royal humor’ to her life!”
  • “What’s Meghan Markle’s favorite movie genre? Royal-coms, of course!”
  • “Why did Meghan Markle become a comedian? She wanted to be the ‘laughing’ duchess!”
  • “How does Meghan Markle handle stressful situations? With a regal dose of humor!”
  • “Meghan Markle’s idea of a perfect date night? Watching a rom-com and sharing royal jokes!”
  • “Why was Meghan Markle always great at improv? Because she’s the Duchess of ‘spontaneity’!”
  • “What do you call a Meghan Markle joke that’s fit for a king? A ‘reigning’ punchline!”
  • “How does Meghan Markle handle hecklers? She royally ‘shushes’ them!”
  • “Why did Meghan Markle start a comedy blog? To share her ‘royal jests’ with the world!”
  • “What did Meghan Markle say when asked about her royal title? ‘It’s no joke being a duchess!'”
  • “Why did Meghan Markle become a vegetarian? She couldn’t ‘meat’ the royal expectations!”
  • “Meghan Markle’s favorite dessert? ‘Royally’ good ice cream!”
  • “What did Meghan Markle say to Prince Harry after a successful comedy show? ‘We nailed it, your high-lariousness!'”
Jokes About Meghan Markle

Funny Jokes About Meghan Markle

  • Why did Meghan Markle take up gardening? She wanted to ‘grow’ into her royal role!
  • How does Meghan Markle deal with gossip? With a ‘royal flush’ of laughter!
  • What did Meghan Markle say when asked about her favorite food? “Crownuts! They’re like donuts, but royally delicious!”
  • Why did Meghan Markle become a pilot? She wanted to ‘take off’ from royal duties occasionally!
  • How does Meghan Markle stay calm during public appearances? She practices ‘regal breathing’ techniques!
  • Why did Meghan Markle audition for a cooking show? She wanted to ‘spice up’ her life!
  • What’s Meghan Markle’s go-to karaoke song? “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” by Michael Jackson – she loves a good royal boogie!
  • Why did Meghan Markle attend magic classes? She wanted to master the art of ‘royal disappearances’!
  • How does Meghan Markle handle paparazzi? She photobombs them with a royal wave!
  • Why did Meghan Markle become a detective? She loves solving ‘royal mysteries’ with humor!
  • What’s Meghan Markle’s favorite dance move? The ‘Royal Shuffle’!
  • Why did Meghan Markle join a laughter club? She believes in the power of ‘royal giggles’!
  • How does Meghan Markle keep her sense of humor? With a ‘royal funny bone’ transplant!
  • What did Meghan Markle say when asked about her acting career? “It was a ‘royal role’ while it lasted!”
  • Why did Meghan Markle become a dentist? She wanted to give the royal family a ‘whiter-than-pearly’ smile!
  • How does Meghan Markle entertain guests at royal functions? With a stand-up comedy routine, of course!
  • What’s Meghan Markle’s favorite party game? ‘Royal Charades’!
  • Why did Meghan Markle open a zoo? To have a ‘royal roaring’ good time!
  • How does Meghan Markle handle awkward conversations? With a ‘gracefully funny’ diversion!
  • What did Meghan Markle say when she met the Queen for the first time? “I’m not just an actress; I’m a ‘royal performer’!”

Story Jokes About Meghan Markle

  • The Royal Bloopers: Once, Meghan Markle accidentally tripped while walking down the palace stairs. She gracefully turned it into an impromptu dance, earning applause from the entire court!
  • A Royal Road Trip: Meghan and Prince Harry embarked on a road trip through the British countryside. They got lost and ended up at a local pub. The locals were stunned to see the royal couple behind the bar, serving drinks with a dash of humor!
  • The Queen’s Prank: One April Fool’s Day, Queen Elizabeth decided to pull a prank on Meghan. She disguised herself as a palace maid and hilariously startled Meghan during breakfast. Meghan laughed so hard that she almost spilled her tea!
  • Royal Puns Night: Meghan hosted a themed party at the palace, where guests had to dress as their favorite puns. Prince William showed up dressed as a ‘prince charming,’ and Kate Middleton was a ‘crown jewel’ – but it was Meghan’s ‘Duchess of Laughter’ outfit that stole the show!
  • The Royal Stand-up Show: Meghan surprised Prince Harry on their anniversary by booking a stand-up comedy show just for him. She took the stage and delivered a heartfelt and humorous set, making it a night they’d never forget!

Key Takeaway

Meghan Markle’s life as a royal has been nothing short of a comedy rollercoaster. Her wit, humor, and ability to find laughter even in royal responsibilities make her a truly beloved Duchess of Sussex. The jokes shared in this article are a testament to her delightful spirit and infectious humor, leaving us all with smiles on our faces.

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