100+ Hilarious Mormon Jokes to Brighten Your Day

Mormonism, a distinct and fascinating religious and cultural phenomenon, provides ample material for humor and satire. In this light-hearted exploration, we’ll delve into a collection of over 100 jokes that playfully poke fun at various aspects of Mormon life. From its unique beliefs and practices to the quirks and idiosyncrasies of its members, these jokes offer a delightful and irreverent look at Mormon culture.

Best Mormon Jokes

  • Scriptural GPS: How do Mormons find their way around? They use the Book of Mormon as their GPS guide!
  • Celestial Shopping: Why did the Mormon go to the temple wearing a shopping cart? He heard it was a “cart-worthy” experience!
  • Choir Chronicles: How does the Mormon Tabernacle Choir decide what to sing? They hold a “hymn-quisition”!
  • Sunday Best Dressed: Why did the Mormon wear a suit to bed? He wanted to have “holy pajamas”!
  • Divine Diet: Why did the Mormon refuse to eat cake? He thought it was “Satan’s dessert”!
  • Prophet’s Pet: What kind of dog does a Mormon prophet have? A “Latter-day Saint Bernard”!
  • Book of Mormon Memo: Why did the Mormon read the Book of Mormon at work? He was looking for a “spiritual memo”!
  • Conference Connection: Why do Mormons love conference calls? They get to hear from their “Heavenly CEO”!
  • Golden Plates Gym: Why did the Mormon exercise with golden plates? He wanted to have “scriptural six-pack abs”!
  • Temple Time Travel: How do Mormons celebrate New Year’s Eve? They wait for the “eternal ball drop” at the temple!
  • Divine Doodles: What’s a Mormon child’s favorite art subject? “Book of Mormon coloring within the lines”!
  • Latter-day Lullaby: How do Mormons put their babies to sleep? With a “nursery hymn-nosis”!
  • Eternal Expressions: Why do Mormons have great posture? They’re practicing for their “celestial selfie”!
  • Seagull Savior: Why did the seagull join the Mormon Church? It wanted to be part of the “flock”!
  • Heavenly Haircut: How do Mormon barbers make sure they don’t cut too much hair? They follow the “revelation on inch-cuts”!
  • Missionary Math: How many Mormons does it take to change a lightbulb? Three – one to change it and two to knock on doors and spread the news!
Short Jokes About Mormon

Short Jokes About Mormon

  • Noah’s Ark Remake: If Mormons built the ark, how many animals would they take? Two of each, plus a spare set of scriptures!
  • Holy Donuts: Why did the Mormon bring a dozen donuts to the potluck? He wanted to share the “hole-y” goodness!
  • Conference Conundrum: Why did the Mormon sit on the remote control? He wanted to change the channel – spiritually!
  • Gospel Glasses: How do Mormons see in the dark? They have “latter-illumination”!
  • Manna Mix-Up: What did the Mormon say when he found manna? “Is this gluten-free?”
  • Baptismal Mishap: Why did the Mormon take a towel to the baptismal font? He thought it was a “holy hot tub”!
  • Prayer Password: How do Mormons keep their prayers secure? They use a “heavenly encryption”!
  • Eternal Elevator: Why did the Mormon take the stairs at the temple? He was trying to “ascend spiritually”!
  • Celestial Pajamas: Why did the Mormon go to bed fully dressed? He was having a “prophetic dream”!
  • Choir Closet: Why did the Mormon join the choir? He wanted to “harmonize” his spiritual wardrobe!
  • Nephi’s Navigation: Why did the Mormon refuse to use GPS? He preferred “Liahona direction”!
  • Manna Microwave: How do Mormons warm up their manna? With “celestial microwaves”!
  • Sacrament Sneak: Why did the Mormon hide candy in the hymnbook? For a “sacrament surprise”!
  • Latter-day Laundry: How do Mormons do laundry? They use “spiritual detergent” for stain removal!
  • Sunday Shoes: Why did the Mormon wear tap shoes to church? He wanted to “heel” his spiritual woes!
  • Heavenly Hiccups: Why did the Mormon bless his soda? He wanted “eternal bubbles of joy”!
  • Prophet’s Playlist: What music does the Mormon prophet listen to? “Heavenly hits”!
  • Book of Mormon Binge: Why did the Mormon stay up all night reading scripture? He was on a “spiritual Netflix binge”!

Story Jokes About Mormon

  • The Miracle Treadmill: A Mormon tried running on a temple treadmill. The faster he ran, the more blessings he received – until he reached “celestial speed” and disappeared into the heavens!
  • Heavenly Shopping: A Mormon went to the temple gift shop and asked for eternal life. The shopkeeper replied, “Sorry, we’re all out. How about some temple keychains instead?”
  • Latter-day Locksmith: A Mormon lost his temple recommend and prayed for help. Suddenly, a celestial locksmith appeared and said, “Fear not, for I have the master key!”
  • Celestial Surfing: A Mormon surfer caught a huge wave and exclaimed, “This must be the ‘Mormon Tsunami’ they warned us about!”
  • Sacrament Slip-Up: During the sacrament, a Mormon accidentally drank the whole bottle of water. The bishop whispered, “You’ve just been baptized for the second time!”
  • Heavenly WiFi Woes: A Mormon arrived in heaven and asked for the WiFi password. St. Peter replied, “Sorry, we don’t have internet – the connection here is divine!”
  • Book of Mormon Translation: A non-Mormon asked a Mormon how the Book of Mormon was translated. The Mormon replied, “Easy, it’s a language called ‘Reformed Egyptian-to-English’ translation.”
  • Temple Ticket: A Mormon tried to enter the temple but forgot his recommend. The angel at the gate said, “No problem, just show me your baptismal certificate from the pre-earth life.”
  • Celestial Selfie: A Mormon took a selfie with an angel. When he checked his phone, the angel was photobombing every picture throughout history!
  • Eternal Elevator: A Mormon stepped into an elevator at the temple and pressed “C” for “Celestial.” The elevator doors opened, revealing a choir of angels singing hymns!

Key Takeaway

In the world of Mormon humor, laughter is the universal language that transcends boundaries and brings people together. While these jokes playfully explore various aspects of Mormon culture, they remind us that finding joy in shared experiences is a timeless and universal human trait. So, go ahead, share a chuckle with your fellow humans and enjoy the light-hearted spirit that humor can bring to even the most sacred of subjects.

Best Mormon Jokes

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