101+ Funniest Noah Jokes For Entertainment

Picture this: Noah, a seasoned seafarer with an ark-ward mission to save the animal kingdom from the flood of all floods. As he herded two by two, he probably wished he had packed more sea-sick remedies! But, we’re not here to discuss the animal pairs. we’re here to dive deep into the hilarious world of Noah jokes that have stood the test of time as well as the test of waves. So, brace yourselves for a chuckle-inducing adventure!

Best Noah Jokes:

  • Why did Noah bring a ladder on the ark? To take the snails to the top deck!
  • Noah: “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” God: “Noah2023.” Noah: “But it’s not 2023 yet!” God: “Oh, I’m in a different time zone.”
  • How did Noah keep the elephants from playing cards on the ark? He removed the deck!
  • Noah’s wife: “Do you think our kids are inside, Noah?” Noah: “Of course, it’s raining cats and dogs out there!”
  • Why did the dove need a GPS on the ark? It kept getting lost in the flood of feathers!
  • Noah’s parrot kept repeating, “Land ho! Land ho!” So, Noah said, “If you say ‘land ho’ one more time, I’ll feed you to the lions!”
  • Did you hear about the ant who missed the boat? He had to use a Noah’s ark-ive!
  • Noah: “I’m taking the kangaroos on the ark.” God: “Just don’t let them jump ship!”
  • How did Noah stop the animals from playing hide and seek? He bar-coded the ark!
  • Why did Noah start a gardening club on the ark? He wanted to plant-sea life!
  • Noah: “Why did the giraffe join the crew?” God: “He wanted a high-seas adventure!”
  • Why did Noah have to reschedule the ark’s departure? He forgot to check the tide-tables!
  • Why did the owl refuse to get on the ark? It already had a hoot!
  • Noah: “We need to organize the animal feast.” Wife: “What’s on the menu?” Noah: “Ark-tichokes and quackamole!”
  • How did Noah feel when the ark finally landed? He was a little woozy from the sea legs!
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One Liner Noah Jokes:

  • Noah’s ark was a big yacht of laughs!
  • Why did Noah need a nap after the flood? He was all washed up!
  • Noah’s motto: “Two by two, ’til we’re all through!”
  • Noah’s carpentry skills? Absolutely ship-shape!
  • Noah: The original animal whisperer!
  • Why did the kangaroo skip the ark? It wanted to jump ship!
  • Noah’s boat: The first-ever floating zoo with no ticket sales!
  • How did Noah organize his crew? He held a “Who’s On Board?” meeting!
  • What do you call Noah’s jokes? Laugh-saving measures!
  • Noah’s problem-solving strategy: Go with the flow!
  • Why did the lion refuse to play cards with Noah? He was afraid of cheetahs!
  • Why did Noah’s elephant get an award? Outstanding in its field!
  • Noah’s favorite song on the ark? “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gnu-or!
  • Noah’s advice for surviving a flood? Stay afloat and keep your spirits high!
  • Why did Noah’s dog sit in the shade? He didn’t want to be a hot dog!

Funny Jokes About Noah:

  • Noah had to remind the ants not to take their picnic baskets on board. They were planning an ark-ade game!
  • Noah’s wife: “Did you remember to pack the honey?” Noah: “Oh bother, I think I’ve made a Pooh-sake!”
  • Why did Noah need an umbrella on the ark? There were rain-deer everywhere!
  • Noah’s kangaroo: “I don’t need a life jacket, I’ve got hop-sitality!”
  • Why did Noah’s wife scold the animals? They were horsing around on the ark!
  • Noah’s strategy to keep the peace on the ark? Host an “Animal Council” with “quackers” in charge!
  • Noah’s advice to the zebras: Stick together and you won’t stand out!
  • What’s the ark’s favorite instrument? The flood-el!
  • Why did the dove keep flying in circles on the ark? It had “flutter” issues!
  • Noah’s cat: “I demand a window seat! No “purr-views” for me!”
  • Noah’s giraffe: “I’m tired of always being the “neck-t” one!”
  • Why did Noah keep a dictionary on the ark? To settle animal disputes with “wordplay”!
  • Noah’s panda: “I’m just here for the “bamboo-ns”!”
  • Noah’s duck: “I’m the “quack-tical” joker of the ark!”
  • Why did the owl get voted off the ark’s talent show? It kept saying, “Who’s there?”
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Crazy Jokes For Noah:

  • Why did Noah’s turkey bring a suitcase on the ark? It was a “gobble-trotter”!
  • Noah’s sloth: “I’ll swim when I feel like it, which might be never!”
  • Why did Noah’s chameleon cause chaos on the ark? It couldn’t decide which side it was on!
  • Noah’s rooster: “I’m here to wake you up, rain or shine, or flood!”
  • Why did Noah’s squirrel hoard nuts on the ark? It had a “nuts-travagant” plan!
  • Noah’s octopus: “One pair of legs for each puddle!”
  • Why did Noah’s penguin insist on dressing formally? It was a “tux-pert” in fashion!
  • Noah’s snake: “I’m all coiled up about this ark-ward journey!”
  • Why did Noah’s elephant become the ship’s barber? He had a knack for trimming the mast!
  • Noah’s llama: “I’ll spit some rhymes while we sail through the water-time!”
  • Why did Noah’s crab host a dance party on the ark? It wanted a “shell-ebration”!
  • Noah’s kangaroo: “I hope this flood doesn’t mess up my bounce!”
  • Why did Noah’s flamingo carry a fan on the ark? It needed to stay fabulously cool!
  • Noah’s walrus: “I’m here to keep spirits high with my wal-riffs!”
  • Why did Noah’s bat organize night classes on the ark? It wanted to spread “wing”-dom of knowledge!

Hilarious Joke On Noah:

  • Noah’s beaver: “I’ll build a dam if this ark gets too soggy!”
  • Why did Noah’s parrot get banned from karaoke night on the ark? It was too “polly-tuned”!
  • Noah’s rabbit: “I’ve got my lucky foot ready for this ark-adventure!”
  • Why did Noah’s gorilla get into stand-up comedy on the ark? It had a knack for “ape-pealing” humor!
  • Noah’s seal: “I’m here to provide “seal” of approval for this ark-tastic journey!”
  • Why did Noah’s cow bring a trampoline on the ark? To keep the mood “moo-ving”!
  • Noah’s cricket: “I’ll provide the “chirpiness” on this ark-ward voyage!”
  • Why did Noah’s owl get hired as the ship’s navigator? It had an “owl-garithmic” mind!
  • Noah’s cheetah: “I hope this flood doesn’t slow down my “fleet”-ing moves!”
  • Why did Noah’s llama start a “Noah’s Ark” radio station? It wanted to spread “llama-nations”!
  • Noah’s snail: “I’m in no hurry, just a “snailed” pace for me!”
  • Why did Noah’s crocodile become the ship’s chef? It had a taste for “bite”-sized delicacies!
  • Noah’s koala: “I’m here to provide “koala-ty” relaxation sessions!”
  • Why did Noah’s penguin become the ship’s DJ? It knew how to drop some “cool” beats!
  • Noah’s giraffe: “I hope I don’t get a “long” face from this journey!”


And there you have it, folks! We’ve sailed through the roaring waves of humor and delved deep into the hilarious world of Noah jokes. From witty wordplay to outrageous scenarios, these jokes are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and leave you with a smile that could rival the sun. So, whether you’re weathering the storm or basking in the sun, remember that laughter is the ultimate ark-ive of joy. And if you’re craving for more chuckles, hop on over to our website for a treasure trove of side-splitting content. Until then, keep laughing and keep those spirits afloat!

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