70+ Orange Is The New Black Jokes: A Hilarious Collection

Welcome to a comedic journey through the world of “Orange Is The New Black” jokes! This popular TV series has captivated audiences with its witty humor and engaging characters, and we’re here to bring you a laugh-out-loud compilation of jokes inspired by the show. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just someone in need of a good chuckle, this article is guaranteed to brighten your day. So, buckle up as we explore the funniest side of Litchfield Penitentiary and its quirky inmates!

Meet Orange Is The New Black: A Comedic Funny Profile

“Orange Is The New Black” is a highly acclaimed comedy-drama series that revolves around the life of Piper Chapman, a woman who finds herself in an unexpected situation when she is sentenced to serve time in a minimum-security women’s prison. The show not only delves into the challenges and absurdities of prison life but also presents a diverse and colorful cast of characters, each with their unique quirks and humor.

One-Liners Orange Is The New Black Jokes for Instagram

  • “Why did Piper join a prison band? Because she wanted to be the ‘inmate-ent’ of the group!”
  • “What’s Red’s favorite game in prison? Pin the tail on the chicken!”
  • “Why did Crazy Eyes get kicked out of the math class? She couldn’t stop seeing imaginary numbers!”
  • “Why did Alex Vause break up with her calculator? It couldn’t handle her ‘complex’ emotions!”
  • “What do you call a tailor in Litchfield? Sew-sational!”
  • “Why did Daya start a gardening club in prison? She wanted to ‘plant’ some roots!”
  • “Why did Pennsatucky become a hairstylist? She wanted to give ‘bangs’ to everyone’s look!”
  • “What’s Black Cindy’s favorite type of music? Cell Block Rock!”
  • “Why did Nicky get a job at the cafeteria? She wanted to ‘serve’ her time with a smile!”
  • “Why did Caputo become a prison counselor? He’s a master at ‘cell-therapy’!”
  • “Why did Suzanne write a book in prison? She wanted to ‘penn’ her thoughts!”
  • “What’s Aleida’s favorite subject in prison? Con-jugal visits!”
  • “Why did Gloria become a chef? She wanted to cook up some ‘con-fidence’!”
  • “Why did Taystee start a comedy club in Litchfield? She knew the best ‘pun’-chlines!”
  • “What did the prison librarian say to the book thief? ‘Orange’ you glad we have so many options?”
  • “Why did Blanca become a tour guide for new inmates? She wanted to show them the ‘cell-ebrity’ spots!”
  • “What’s Vee’s favorite TV show in prison? ‘Orange Is The New Black’—duh!”
  • “Why did Boo start a fashion club in prison? She’s the ultimate ‘inmate-stylist’!”
  • “Why did Yoga Jones become a yoga instructor? She’s all about finding ‘inner’ peace!”
  • “What did Piper say to Alex when she stole her dessert? ‘You’re a ‘custard’-ian angel!'”
Jokes About Orange Is The New Black

Funny Jokes About Orange Is The New Black

  • “Why did the prison have a comedy night? To keep the inmates from getting ‘cell-fish’!”
  • “What did the prison guard say to Crazy Eyes? ‘You’re absolutely ‘eye-dentical’ to trouble!'”
  • “Why did Piper get a job in the electrical department? She wanted to ‘shock’ everyone with her skills!”
  • “What’s Pennsatucky’s favorite dessert? Sweet ‘prison’-berry pie!”
  • “Why did Red start a cooking class in prison? She’s the queen of ‘cell’-culinary arts!”
  • “Why did Suzanne join a dance club in Litchfield? She loves to ‘cell’-ebrate every move!”
  • “What’s Alex’s favorite sport in prison? ‘Cell’-f defense!”
  • “Why did Nicky become a counselor in Litchfield? She gives the best ‘cell’-f-help!”
  • “What did the prison doctor say to the patient? ‘You need some vitamin ‘cell’ for sure!'”
  • “Why did Lorna start a beauty salon in prison? She’s the ‘cell’-f-made makeup artist!”
  • “What did Crazy Eyes say when asked about her love for poetry? ‘I’m ‘cell’-ebritating the art of words!'”
  • “Why did Daya become a painter in prison? She loves to ‘cell’-ebrate her artistic side!”
  • “What’s Black Cindy’s favorite holiday in prison? ‘Cell’-oween, of course!”
  • “Why did Yoga Jones start a meditation club? She wanted to ‘cell’-ebrate mindfulness!”
  • “What’s Alex’s favorite type of humor? ‘Cell’-satirical comedy!”
  • “Why did Nicky become a baseball coach in Litchfield? She knows all about ‘cell’-ar hits!”
  • “What did Pennsatucky say about her time in prison? ‘It’s been a ‘cell’-of-a-ride!'”
  • “Why did Blanca become a language teacher in prison? She’s a ‘cell’-ver linguist!”
  • “What’s Piper’s favorite card game in prison? Soli-‘cell’-aire!”
  • “Why did Caputo start a motivational speech club? He’s all about ‘cell’-f-improvement!”
Funny Jokes About Orange Is The New Black

Story Jokes About Orange Is The New Black

  • “The Great Escape”: Piper, Alex, and Nicky team up to create an elaborate escape plan. They dig a tunnel using makeshift tools from the prison’s workshop. As they make their way through the tunnel, they encounter unexpected twists, from encountering a rat gang to finding buried treasure under the prison. Ultimately, they decide that freedom can wait, and they return to the prison, laughing about their adventurous journey.
  • “The Prison’s Got Talent”: Litchfield Penitentiary hosts a talent show, and all the inmates are eager to participate. Taystee does stand-up comedy, Suzanne performs an emotional monologue, and Red surprises everyone with her hidden singing talent. The judges, including the tough prison guards, are amazed at the diverse talents of the inmates, and they declare it the best talent show they’ve ever seen.
  • “Prison Olympics”: Inmates organize their version of the Olympics inside the prison walls. They compete in quirky events like “Toilet Roll Shot Put,” “Laundry Basket Basketball,” and “Synchronized Mop Dancing.” The competition gets fierce, and friendships are tested, but in the end, everyone comes together to celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship.
  • “The Litchfield Haunting”: Strange things start happening in the prison, and rumors spread about a ghost haunting the cells. Piper, who’s initially skeptical, joins a group of inmates to investigate. They discover that it’s just Crazy Eyes playing pranks with her unique sense of humor. The ghostly incidents turn into a series of hilarious escapades that keep everyone entertained.
  • “The Secret Recipe”: Red’s secret recipe for prison pizza becomes a topic of interest among the inmates. They embark on a quest to find out the ingredients, leading to a series of comedic situations. In the end, they realize that the real secret ingredient was their friendship and camaraderie, making their pizza parties even more enjoyable.

Key Takeaway

“Orange Is The New Black” is not just a TV series but a treasure trove of humor and wit. The show’s characters, with their distinct personalities, provide endless comedic possibilities. From witty one-liners to hilarious stories, the jokes in this article capture the essence of Litchfield’s laughter-filled world. So, the next time you need a good laugh, remember these jokes and embrace the absurdities of prison life in the most humorous way possible!

One-Liners Orange Is The New Black Jokes for Instagram

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