103+ Hilarious Slavery Jokes for Unraveling Humor in History

Welcome to a whimsical journey where history meets humor! In this laughter-filled extravaganza, we explore the art of crafting jokes that cleverly incorporate the topic of slavery. Please remember, humor can be a powerful tool to address sensitive subjects, but our intention is never to offend. Instead, we aim to tickle your funny bone with creativity and wit, reminding ourselves to find laughter even in the darkest corners of history. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a rib-tickling adventure!

Best Slavery Jokes

  • The Escaped Chicken: Why did the chicken run away from the farm during slavery? It wanted to taste freedom, not just Colonel Sanders!
  • Incredible Barters: Slave: “Master, can I trade my cotton picking duty for Netflix and chill?” Master: “What’s Netflix?”
  • Undercover Operation: When the Underground Railroad was secretly transporting slaves to freedom, they should have called it the “Undercover Railroad.”
  • Slave Interview: Interviewer: “What’s your strongest skill?” Slave: “Surviving long boat journeys?”
  • All for the Grits: Why did the slave work so hard? He heard there would be grits in the afterlife!
  • Slavery Gym: If slaves had a gym, their slogan would be, “Get ripped, literally!”
  • Unwanted Sponsorship: Slave 1: “I’m tired of being a slave; I need a sponsor.” Slave 2: “Why, what do you mean?” Slave 1: “Like, I could be Nike’s first sponsored slave – just do it!”
  • Worst Magic Show: Why did the slave magician never get famous? He always made things disappear without bringing them back.
  • The Great Escape Attempt: Why did the slave fail at escaping? He kept Googling directions on his rotary phone.
  • Parchment Problems: How do you know slaves loved writing? They were always “bond” to their parchment!
  • Freeman Fashion: Why did the freed slave become a fashionista? He could finally wear what he wanted without a master’s approval!
  • Slave Comedian: A slave once tried to become a comedian but was worried about bombing on stage – then he remembered it couldn’t be worse than picking cotton!
  • The Time Travelling Slave: How did the slave become a time traveler? He accidentally discovered a portal that led to the present – now he’s “free” to explore history!
  • Breaking the News: How did slaves keep up with the world events? By listening to their “breaking news” while breaking rocks!
One-Liner Slavery Jokes

One-Liner Slavery Jokes

  • Can you imagine slaves holding “Take Your Master to Work Day”?
  • Why did the slave refuse to join a dance crew? He didn’t want to be called “Shackle-Locked”!
  • Why were slaves bad at telling jokes? Their punchlines were always “enslaved” by the setup!
  • The slave’s complaint hotline was just a tree where they could whisper their grievances.
  • Imagine if slaves had smartphones – their favorite app would be “Insta-Freedom”!
  • Did you hear about the rebellious slave? He turned the cotton field into a dance floor!
  • Slaves loved to bet on races – the underground tortoise racing league was a hit!
  • Slave: “I have a dream that one day we’ll have ice cream on the plantation!” Master: “What’s ice cream?”
  • Slavery’s effect on the environment? Carbon footprint from all those barefoot runners!
  • Why did the master become a stand-up comedian? To finally hear laughter that wasn’t forced!
  • Who was the first DJ during slavery? Master Spin!
  • What was the slave’s favorite game? Hide and go resist!
  • Did you know that slaves had their own food delivery service? They called it “Uber Chain”!
  • Why did the slave refuse to become an actor? He was tired of being typecast as “enslaved character #42”!
  • Slavery was so tough; even their tears were “enslaved” to their faces!

Funny Jokes About Slavery

  • Master’s Confusion: Master: “You should be grateful for your chains; they keep you safe!” Slave: “Safe from what? Freedom?”
  • The Slavery Cookbook: If slaves had written a cookbook, every recipe would begin with, “First, find freedom!”
  • A Sweet Misunderstanding: Slave 1: “I dream of sugarplums.” Slave 2: “I dream of a sugar-free plantation!”
  • Slaves’ Playlist: The slaves’ favorite song? “I Will Survive” by Gloria Glee-er.
  • Jailbreak Practice: Slave 1: “I’m planning to escape.” Slave 2: “But you’ll get caught!” Slave 1: “That’s the point; I need the practice.”
  • Failed Job Interview: Slave: “I applied for a position at the farm today.” Friend: “How did it go?” Slave: “They said I lacked experience!”
  • Improvised Transportation: Slaves invented carpooling, except their car was an ox wagon.
  • Freedom Rings: Did you know slaves wore wedding rings too? Only they were handcuffs with benefits!
  • Slave Entrepreneur: Slave 1: “I’m starting a business.” Slave 2: “What will you sell?” Slave 1: “Escape plans, at a premium!”
  • Hand-Me-Downs: When a slave got promoted to the house, they’d say, “Finally, I get the hand-me-down scraps!”
  • Slaves’ Social Media: Slave: “I’m on Myslave, what about you?” Friend: “I prefer Face-Brick; it’s more solid!”
  • Inventor’s Struggle: Slave 1: “I created a time machine.” Slave 2: “Really? Can you escape this timeline?”
  • Time Travel Paradox: Slave: “I wish I could change the past.” Time Traveler: “Well, you are in it right now!”
  • Freedom’s Paradox: Why was a freed slave like a cloud? They were both “free,” yet they couldn’t escape reality!
  • Evolving Chains: Why did the slave become a blacksmith? To create chains too heavy even for their oppressors!
Crazy Jokes for Slavery

Crazy Jokes for Slavery

  • Slave Moonwalking: Why did slaves wear loose pants on the plantation? They could moonwalk out of there when the master wasn’t looking!
  • Slave Idol: Master: “What’s your dream?” Slave: “To be the first slave on MasterChef!” Master: “What’s MasterChef?”
  • Slaves Got Talent: Slave 1: “I can juggle with these chains!” Slave 2: “Wow, that’s…sad.”
  • Mistaken Identity: Slave 1: “You know I look exactly like my master.” Slave 2: “Yes, but let’s not tell him that.”
  • Misguided Heist: Slave 1: “We’re robbing the plantation tonight.” Slave 2: “Great plan! How will we sell 200 bushels of cotton?”
  • Deceptive Riddles: Why did the master’s riddles always confuse the slaves? They had a “plantation” for misunderstandings!
  • Slave School: Master: “You’ll attend our new school!” Slave: “Oh, really? What subject?” Master: “Being enslaved!”
  • Slave Therapist: Slave 1: “I need therapy.” Slave 2: “You mean hiding in the barn and crying?”
  • Cotton Eye Joe: Slave 1: “Why did the cotton field love Joe?” Slave 2: “Because it picked him, and he never let go!”
  • A Fruitful Plan: Slave 1: “I have a brilliant escape plan!” Slave 2: “Great, tell me.” Slave 1: “We plant oranges everywhere, and when the master asks, we say we’re expanding the plantation!”
  • Slave Karaoke: Why did slaves sing only “We Shall Overcome”? They couldn’t afford more songs!
  • Time Traveler’s Dilemma: If a time traveler saved a slave from the past, wouldn’t that mess up the present? It’s a timey-wimey enslavement mess!
  • Slave Talent Show: Imagine a talent show on the plantation – the first prize? Freedom, of course!
  • Chained Comedy Club: Why did the slave’s comedy club fail? Every joke ended with, “But seriously, we need to escape!”
  • Slave Speed Dating: Slave 1: “So, what do you do for a living?” Slave 2: “I’m an aspiring runaway!”

Hilarious Jokes on Slavery

  • Slave GPS: If slaves had a GPS system, it would constantly say, “Recalculating route to freedom.”
  • Slave Whisperer: Master: “Why are the slaves always running away?” Slave Whisperer: “They’re just practicing for the big race!”
  • Escape Mission: Slave 1: “I can see freedom on the horizon!” Slave 2: “No, that’s just the sun.”
  • The Great Conductor: Why did the runaway slave become a train conductor? He wanted to help others escape in style!
  • Slave Pranks: Slave 1: “I hid the master’s shoes.” Slave 2: “Why?” Slave 1: “Revenge for hiding freedom from us!”
  • Undercover Serenade: When slaves sang to each other, it wasn’t just for love; it was code for escape plans!
  • Master’s Alarm Clock: Slaves were the first alarm clocks – the whip was their snooze button!
  • Great Slavery Bake-Off: What was the biggest hit on the plantation? The freedom cake!
  • Slave Wizard: Slave 1: “I’m studying magic.” Slave 2: “How will that help?” Slave 1: “I’ll conjure up an escape plan!”
  • Cotton Wool Sweaters: Master: “Why are all my sweaters made of cotton wool?” Slave: “It’s the latest plantation fashion!”
  • Escape Party: When a slave escaped, they threw a party with invisible guests!
  • Slave Escape Committee: Why did the slave escape committee always meet in secret? Because if they didn’t, it wouldn’t be an escape!
  • Master’s Dance Party: Slave 1: “The master is throwing a dance party tonight.” Slave 2: “So, we’re all dancing for our freedom, right?”
  • Freedom Flags: If slaves had their own flags, it would be a simple “F” on a field of hope!
  • The Great Hide-and-Seek: Slaves were the best at hide-and-seek – their favorite hiding spot? Behind freedom!
Funny Jokes About Slavery

Long Slavery Jokes

  • The Invention of Shackles: Once, a master was bragging about inventing the most unbreakable shackles for his slaves. A slave, being sarcastic, said, “Wow, you must be a real genius to invent something even prisoners can’t escape.” The master, thinking the slave was complimenting him, proudly replied, “Yes, I am!” The slave looked puzzled and continued, “I mean, you invented something so advanced that even criminals, who spend all their time thinking of ways to escape, can’t break free from! Remarkable!” The master was speechless.
  • The Riddle Master: A particularly clever slave loved to challenge the master with riddles. One day, the master asked, “What’s black, white, and red all over?” The slave responded with a sly grin, “Me when you’re done whipping!” The master was taken aback but couldn’t help but chuckle. From that day on, the riddles became a game between them, and the master admired the slave’s wit, even in the face of adversity.
  • The Secret Slave School: On the plantation, a group of slaves started a clandestine school to teach each other how to read and write. They met late at night, hiding behind bales of hay, with candlelight illuminating their determined faces. One night, a young slave entered the room, eager to learn. But before he could start, an older slave stopped him, saying, “You don’t need this education.” The young slave was confused and asked why. The elder replied, “Because once you know how to read, you’ll discover that you’ve been living in a world where freedom was always within your reach, and that’s dangerous knowledge for our masters.”


And there you have it! A collection of slavery jokes, where history meets humor, reminding us to find laughter even in the darkest corners. Remember, humor can be a powerful tool to address sensitive subjects, but let’s always strive to be respectful and empathetic. We hope this article brought smiles to your faces and perhaps even prompted you to reflect on the strength and resilience of those who endured challenging times.

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