79+ World`s Best Tom Cruise Jokes Ever

Welcome to a laughter-filled journey with the one and only Tom Cruise! Known for his charming smile and remarkable acting skills, Tom Cruise has been entertaining audiences worldwide for decades. In this article, we will explore 79+ hilarious Tom Cruise jokes that will leave you in stitches. From one-liners to funny anecdotes, we’ve got it all covered. So, buckle up and get ready to embark on a joyous ride of laughter!

Meet Tom Cruise: A Comedic Funny Profile

Tom Cruise is not just a superstar on the big screen; he’s also a magnet for humor and wit. Standing tall at 5’7″, he proves that height is no barrier to success. With his high-octane action scenes and heartthrob persona, Cruise has captured the hearts of fans from all walks of life. But beyond his dashing looks, he’s a perfect muse for comedy.

Tom’s commitment to his roles is legendary, but did you know that he once tried to audition for the role of a stand-up comedian? Unfortunately, he couldn’t stop laughing at his jokes during the audition, but lucky for us, he still makes us laugh on the silver screen.

One-Liners Tom Cruise Jokes for Instagram

  • “Why did Tom Cruise become a baker? Because he kneads the dough like a pro!”
  • “Tom Cruise’s favorite fruit? Mission: Impossible—Raspberries!”
  • “What’s Tom Cruise’s favorite kind of coffee? Frappé-possible!”
  • “Why did Tom Cruise go to art school? He wanted to master the ‘Impossible Art’ of painting!”
  • “Tom Cruise’s idea of a perfect day? Cruise control with some Top Gum!”
  • “Why did Tom Cruise start a gardening business? He wanted to experience ‘Mission: Inedible’ plants!”
  • “What’s Tom Cruise’s favorite song? ‘Highway to the Top Gun’!”
  • “Why did Tom Cruise join a chess club? To checkmate ‘Mission: Impossible’ strategies!”
  • “Tom Cruise tried to be a chef, but he couldn’t handle the ‘Mission: Impossible—Eggs’!”
  • “What’s Tom Cruise’s go-to dance move? The ‘Risky Business Shuffle’!”
  • “Why did Tom Cruise become a magician? His tricks are ‘Mission: Impeccable’!”
  • “Tom Cruise’s favorite board game? ‘Operation: Impossible’!”
  • “What’s Tom Cruise’s favorite insect? Mission: Fire-ant!”
  • “Why did Tom Cruise become a detective? He wanted to solve the case of ‘Mission: Unsolvable’!”
  • “Tom Cruise’s favorite ice cream flavor? ‘Mint: Impossible’!”
  • “What’s Tom Cruise’s favorite holiday destination? ‘Mission: Un-tropical’!”
  • “Why did Tom Cruise become a scientist? He wanted to create the ‘Mission: Improbable’ formula!”
  • “Tom Cruise’s favorite car? ‘Mission: Convertible’!”
  • “What’s Tom Cruise’s favorite dessert? ‘Mission: Inconceivable’ Tiramisu!”
  • “Why did Tom Cruise go camping? To experience ‘Mission: In-tents’ adventure!”
Best Jokes About Tom Cruise

Funny Jokes About Tom Cruise

  • “Why did Tom Cruise always carry a map? He never gets lost; it’s just ‘Mission: Impossible’ for him to ask for directions!”
  • “What’s Tom Cruise’s favorite party game? ‘Spin the ‘Mission: Impossible’ Bottle!”
  • “Why did Tom Cruise become a tour guide? Because every day is a new ‘Mission: Excursion-able’!”
  • “What’s Tom Cruise’s favorite exercise? ‘Mission: Inflexible’ yoga!”
  • “Why did Tom Cruise start a fitness channel? He wanted to share ‘Mission: In-shape-able’ tips!”
  • “Tom Cruise’s favorite vegetable? ‘Mission: Unbeet-able’!”
  • “What’s Tom Cruise’s favorite painting style? ‘Mission: Impressionable’ art!”
  • “Why did Tom Cruise become a pilot? Because he loves ‘Mission: Air-able’ adventures!”
  • “Tom Cruise’s favorite holiday? ‘Mission: Un-festive’!”
  • “What’s Tom Cruise’s favorite TV show? ‘Mission: Un-watchable’ reality shows!”
  • “Why did Tom Cruise become a meteorologist? He wanted to predict ‘Mission: Un-weather-able’ conditions!”
  • “Tom Cruise’s favorite superhero? ‘Mission: Un-stoppable’!”
  • “What’s Tom Cruise’s favorite drink? ‘Mission: Un-coffee-able’ espresso!”
  • “Why did Tom Cruise start a fashion line? He wanted to create ‘Mission: Un-trendy’ clothing!”
  • “Tom Cruise’s favorite hairstyle? ‘Mission: Un-combable’ bedhead!”
  • “What’s Tom Cruise’s favorite dessert? ‘Mission: Un-cake-able’ cheesecake!”
  • “Why did Tom Cruise start a pet store? He loves ‘Mission: Un-trainable’ animals!”
  • “Tom Cruise’s favorite game? ‘Mission: Un-playable’ chess!”
  • “What’s Tom Cruise’s favorite movie genre? ‘Mission: Unpredictable’ mysteries!”
  • “Why did Tom Cruise become a comedian? To prove that ‘Mission: Un-laughable’ jokes can be funny too!”
Funny Jokes About Tom Cruise

Story Jokes About Tom Cruise

  • The Cruise Conundrum Once, Tom Cruise entered a comedy club undercover, dressed as a stand-up comedian. He delivered a whole set of jokes about spies, impossible missions, and high-speed chases. The audience was in splits, but nobody knew it was Tom himself until he finally revealed his identity at the end!”
  • The Cookie Caper Tom Cruise decided to surprise his co-stars on the set of ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ with homemade cookies. He baked them himself and hid them in a secret compartment on his motorcycle. But as he did a stunt, the cookies flew out, and everyone on set was chasing after flying cookies—talk about a ‘Mission: Improbable’ snack time!”
  • The Elevator Encounter One day, Tom Cruise got into an elevator, and as the doors were closing, he saw a fan running towards him. Without hesitation, he held the doors open and said, ‘Mission: Possible!’ The fan was thrilled, and they took a selfie together, making that fan’s day unforgettable.”
  • The Haunted Hotel During the shooting of ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol,’ a spooky incident happened on set. Tom Cruise decided to play a prank on his co-star Simon Pegg by dressing up as a ghost. As Pegg entered his trailer, he got the scare of his life, and for the rest of the shoot, Tom was fondly referred to as the ‘Mission: Spook-able’ star!”
  • The Mystery of the Missing Shoes While filming an action sequence, Tom Cruise’s shoes mysteriously disappeared from his trailer. The whole cast and crew searched high and low until they found the shoes hidden in a box labeled ‘Mission: Un-findable.’ Turns out, it was a cheeky prank by his co-stars, and they all had a good laugh about it!”

Key Takeaway

Tom Cruise may be known for his action-packed movies, but his comedic side is equally captivating. From one-liners to witty anecdotes, his humor knows no bounds. Whether it’s through his movies or real-life pranks, Tom proves that laughter is indeed the best medicine. So, the next time you watch a Tom Cruise movie, remember the joy he brings not just as an action star but as a comedy icon too!

One-Liners Tom Cruise Jokes for Instagram

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