105+ Hilarious Ugly Jokes that Will Make you Chuckle

Welcome to “The Ugly Truth,” where we dive headfirst into the world of humor that some might consider unsightly but, in reality, is uproariously funny. Don’t worry; we promise not to judge a book by its cover! In this article, we’ll take you on a hilarious journey filled with ugly jokes that will make you chuckle, giggle, and maybe even snort. Remember, laughter knows no boundaries, and even in the realm of ugliness, a good joke can light up anyone’s day.

Best Ugly Jokes

  • The Shattered Mirror: Why did the mirror go to therapy? It couldn’t handle reflecting on its shattered self-esteem!
  • Ugly on Mars: Why was the Martian colony full of ugly people? They needed someone to scare off the aliens!
  • The Ugly Contest: What happened at the ugly contest? Nobody won – they were all too busy admiring the judges!
  • Beauty Pageant Fail: Did you hear about the beauty pageant for ugly people? The winner was so shocked, they fainted!
  • Birth Certificate Mystery: I found my birth certificate, and it said “Sorry, no refunds” – now I know why I’m so ugly!
  • Ugly Inspiration: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you ugly, make everyone laugh!
  • The Ugly Artwork: My friend drew a picture of me, and it looked hideous. I asked if it was abstract art. They said, “No, I’m just a terrible artist.”
  • Ugly Translator: My friend said I was ugly in five different languages. I told them it wasn’t necessary, but they insisted on being multilingual!
  • Ugly Undercover: I went undercover at a beauty salon, but they still charged me extra for the “intensive makeover”!
  • The Ugly Dinosaur: Why did the T-Rex go extinct? Because everyone ran away from its looks before it could eat them!
  • Ugly Reincarnation: I must have been ugly in my past life too. In this life, babies cry when I smile at them.
  • The Ugly Clock: My clock broke and started going backward. I guess time wanted to avoid looking at my face too!
  • Ugly Compliment: My friend told me I was “attractive, on the inside.” Well, that’s a first!
  • The Ugly Fashion: I tried to start an ugly fashion trend, but everyone said they were already way ahead of me.
  • Ugly Matchmaking: My friends set me up on a blind date. I asked if they were trying to play match the faces!

One Liner Ugly Jokes

  • You’re so ugly; when you walk into a haunted house, you come out with an application form.
  • People say beauty is only skin deep. Thank goodness I’m ugly to the core!
  • I’m so ugly, my reflection said, “Nope, not dealing with this today,” and walked away.
  • I told my parents I wanted to be a model. They said, “Sorry, we can’t lie like that.”
  • They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, whoever beholds me must be blind!
  • I tried to take a selfie, and my phone’s facial recognition said, “Unable to identify. Please try again.”
  • My mirror just cracked itself; I didn’t even have to look into it.
  • When I joined an ugly contest, they said, “Sorry, no professionals allowed.”
  • I’m so ugly, even my imaginary friend stopped talking to me.
  • I asked for a water view at the hotel, and they put my room next to the sewage treatment plant.
  • My doctor told me I was hideous. I said, “I want a second opinion.” He said, “Okay, you’re also delusional.”
  • I went to a haunted house, and the ghosts said, “You’re the scariest thing we’ve ever seen!”
  • My reflection wears a blindfold when I’m around.
  • I tried to take a picture, and my camera said, “Memory full. Cannot store ugliness.”
  • People say I have a face only a mother could love. Too bad she’s blind!
Funny Jokes About Ugly

Funny Jokes About Ugly

  • The Ugly Art Collector: Why did the art collector buy all the ugly paintings? Because he wanted to be “canvas”ing for compliments!
  • Ugly Beauty Standards: Whoever said “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” never met my boss. He just said, “Eyesore.”
  • The Ugly Haircut: My friend asked the barber for a new haircut. The barber said, “Why not try the ‘hide your face’ style?”
  • Ugly By Association: My friend said I was ugly by association. I guess that makes them an ugly friend.
  • The Ugly Alarm: I set my alarm to wake up to something beautiful every day. It played the sound of silence!
  • Ugly Breakfast: I made pancakes in the shape of my face. My family said they were “too pretty to eat.” Good thing they couldn’t see my face while eating!
  • Ugly Shoe Swap: My friend said, “Let’s walk a mile in each other’s shoes.” I agreed. Turns out, our shoe sizes are the same, but the ugliness was a perfect fit!
  • Ugly Security Guard: I walked past a security guard, and they said, “No pictures, please. We don’t allow weapons on the premises.”
  • Ugly Selfie Filter: I used a selfie filter to look pretty. The app crashed – I broke the algorithm!
  • Ugly Dentist Visit: I went to the dentist, and they said, “You don’t need braces; you need a blindfold!”
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater: I wore an ugly Christmas sweater, and people thought I was Santa’s body double.
  • Ugly Greetings: My greetings cards are famous – for being returned unopened!
  • Ugly Singing Voice: I entered a singing competition. They asked if I was participating or offering a public service announcement.
  • Ugly Makeover: I tried a makeover, and my friends asked if they should call the makeover police.
  • Ugly Gravitational Pull: They say beauty has a magnetic effect. Well, people run away from me faster than iron shavings!

Crazy Joke For Ugly

  • Ugly Weather Forecast: Tomorrow’s weather will be so ugly that even the clouds will be hiding.
  • Ugly Billboard: I saw a billboard that said, “Looks don’t matter.” It was blank.
  • Ugly at the Museum: I visited a museum, and the security guard told me to stay away from the exhibits – they didn’t want me inspiring any art.
  • The Ugly Restaurant: I tried a new restaurant, and they handed me a menu with a blindfold.
  • Ugly Animal Sanctuary: I visited an animal sanctuary, and they said, “Sorry, we don’t take donations.”
  • Ugly Magic Trick: A magician made my reflection disappear. It was the best trick I’d ever seen!
  • Ugly Dentist Chair: I went to the dentist, and they said, “Please don’t look at the chair; it’s already uncomfortable enough.”
  • Ugly Adventure: I went on an adventure, and the tour guide said, “Let’s skip the photos – we don’t want to scare the wildlife!”
  • Ugly Hair Salon: I asked the hairstylist to do something fun with my hair. They gave me a mirror!
  • Ugly Holiday Destination: I went on vacation, and the locals said, “Welcome! We don’t get many tourists – especially not ones like you!”
  • Ugly Alien Encounter: I met an alien, and they said, “I come in peace, but your face is out of this world!”
  • Ugly Job Application: I applied for a job, and they asked, “Are you comfortable working remotely?”
  • Ugly Fortune Teller: I visited a fortune teller, and they said, “I can see the future – you won’t be getting any modeling contracts!”
  • Ugly Dance Party: I went to a dance party, and people started dancing around me to block the view.
  • Ugly Elevator Ride: I stepped into an elevator, and it said, “Capacity exceeded – no more ugliness allowed!”
One Liner Ugly Jokes

Hilarious Jokes On Ugly

  • The Ugly Car: My car was so ugly, someone broke in and left a donation for repairs!
  • Ugly Dessert: I made a cake and decorated it to look like me. People said, “It’s so lifelike – I can’t eat that!”
  • Ugly Cooking Show: I appeared on a cooking show, and the host said, “We’ve never cooked anything that cooks itself!”
  • Ugly Faceoff: I challenged someone to a staring contest, and they forfeited before it even began.
  • Ugly Social Media: I tried posting a selfie on social media, and the platform said, “Error: image resolution too high.”
  • Ugly Alarm Clock: My alarm clock went off and said, “Warning: proceed with caution.”
  • Ugly Pet Adoption: I adopted a pet, and the shelter gave me a discount – they said it was a rescue mission.
  • Ugly Airport Security: I went through airport security, and the metal detector said, “It’s not you – it’s me.”
  • Ugly Energy Drink: I tried an energy drink, and it gave me the energy to hide in the dark.
  • Ugly Childhood Photo: I showed my childhood photo to my kids, and they said, “No wonder you tell us not to be afraid of monsters!”
  • Ugly Compliment Battle: My friend and I had a compliment battle. They said, “You have a face only a mother could love.” I said, “Your face is like modern art – abstract and confusing.”
  • Ugly Fortune Cookie: I opened a fortune cookie, and the message said, “Don’t show your face in public for a week.”
  • Ugly Password: I changed my password to “ugly.” Now, it says, “Password denied – we don’t want to see that.”
  • Ugly Cupid: Cupid shot me with an arrow, and it said, “Whoops, wrong target!”
  • Ugly Surprise Party: I threw myself a surprise party, and nobody showed up. I guess the surprise was too much for them!

Long Ugly Jokes

  • The Ugly GPS: Person A: My GPS is so ugly; it took me on a scenic route just to avoid populated areas! Person B: That’s nothing; mine said, “Make a U-turn when possible – and put a bag over your head while you’re at it!” Person C: Ha! Mine went all out and said, “Warning: approaching human civilization – please avert eyes to avoid causing distress!” Person D: Well, my GPS has given up; now it just displays a skull and crossbones when I turn it on!
  • The Ugly Makeup Tutorial: Makeup Artist: Today, we’re going to show you how to enhance your beauty with makeup! Model: Um, I’m already quite ugly. Makeup Artist: Nonsense! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Model: So the beholder must be blind, then?
  • The Ugly Photobomb: Person A: Check out this awesome selfie I took at the beach! Person B: Dude, there’s someone behind you. Person A: Oh, that’s just me. I thought my reflection could use a vacation too.
  • The Ugly Fortune Teller’s Curse: Fortune Teller: I see a bright future for you! Client: Really? What do you see? Fortune Teller: A new job, a loving partner, and a positive outlook on life. Client: Wow, that’s amazing! What about my looks? Fortune Teller: Let’s just say the future is best left unknown.
  • The Ugly Genetics: Mother: Honey, your father and I both had a unique gene. Son: So, I must have inherited it too, right? Mother: Yes, it’s called the “Ugly Gene.” Son: Ugh, thanks for clearing that up.


There you have it – an extensive collection of ugly jokes that proves humor can be found in every aspect of life, even the less glamorous ones. Remember, laughter is a universal language, and a good joke can brighten anyone’s day. So, next time you feel down, take a break, read a few ugly jokes, and embrace the laughter. And if you want more doses of humor, visit our website, where we’ve got a treasure trove of jokes and funny content waiting for you. After all, who said being ugly couldn’t be funny? For more jokes, hilarious content, and belly laughs, visit our website now!

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