101+ Laugh-Out-Loud Batman Jokes That’ll Leave You Gotham-ing

Welcome to the wacky world of Batman jokes, where the Dark Knight takes a break from crime-fighting to give your funny bone a good workout. From the Batcave to the Batmobile, we’ve gathered the most side-splitting, pun-tastic, and bat-tastic jokes to tickle your superhero-loving fancy. So, buckle up your utility belt and get ready for a rib-tickling ride through the streets of Gotham with these caped crusader quips.

Best Batman Jokes:

  • Why did Batman and Robin never use smartphones? Because the Bat-signal was their ultimate call waiting!
  • How does Batman like his coffee? Dark, just like his city.
  • Why did Batman and Catwoman break up? Too much purr-suasion.
  • What’s Batman’s favorite fruit? Justice-berries!
  • How does Batman stay in shape? Bat-lates and Gotham Crossfit.
  • Why did Batman and Superman open a bakery? To make the best “Justice Rolls” in town!
  • What’s Batman’s favorite dance move? The Batusi, of course!
  • How does Batman solve math problems? With Bat-calculators, of course.
  • Why did Batman go to therapy? To work on his “Bat-issues.”
  • How did Batman respond to Robin’s bad grades? “Holy report card, Batman!”
  • Why did Batman bring string to the party? He wanted to tie up loose ends.
  • What’s Batman’s favorite bedtime story? “Good Knight, Moon.”
  • How does Batman tell time? With a Bat-watch, naturally.
  • Why did Batman and Robin never get locked out of the Batmobile? They always had the “keys to the city.”
  • What’s Batman’s secret talent? He’s a master of the “Dark Arts.”
One Liner Batman Jokes

One Liner Batman Jokes:

  • Batman and I have something in common – we both can’t resist a good “Bat”-hroom break.
  • Why did Batman apply for a job at the bakery? He kneaded some dough.
  • Batman’s favorite dessert? Just-ice cream!
  • Joker tried stand-up comedy, but Batman always had the last laugh.
  • Batman’s diet secret: Bat-lightenment.
  • Why did Batman become a gardener? He had a thing for “Bane”-ana plants.
  • Batman hates elevators – he prefers the “Bat-stairs.”
  • Alfred’s favorite game? “Where’s Bat-manual?”
  • Batman’s pick-up line: “Are you made of copper and tellurium? Because you’re Cu-Te.”
  • Why did Batman and Robin start a band? They wanted to play some “Bat-tunes.”
  • Robin asked Batman, “What’s the secret to your strength?” Batman replied, “Bat-lanced diet.”
  • Batman’s favorite vacation spot? The Bat-hamas.
  • Why did Batman become an astronomer? He had a knack for “Dark Matter.”
  • Batman tried meditation, but his mind kept going “Bat-ty.”
  • Why did Batman start a YouTube channel? He wanted to share his “Bat-tutorials.”

Funny Jokes about Batman:

  • Why did Batman bring a ladder to the Batcave? He heard the Riddler was up to something.
  • Batman thought he saw Poison Ivy at the mall, but it was just a plant sale.
  • Alfred asked Batman if he wanted to upgrade the Batmobile, but Batman said, “I’m Bat-satisfied.”
  • What do you call Batman when he skips church? Christian Bale.
  • Why did Batman and Robin never go to theme parks? They were afraid of the “Two-Face” rides.
  • Why did Batman get a ticket? He couldn’t make a “Bat-turn.”
  • Batman tried skydiving, but he found it too “Bat-tling.”
  • What’s Batman’s favorite dessert? Dark chocolate Bat-terscotch pudding.
  • Why did Batman become a gardener? He wanted to “grow-tham” City’s beauty.
  • What did Batman say to the Joker at the bakery? “You knead to stop causing a rye-s!”
  • Batman tried to become a chef, but every dish ended up “Bat-tered.”
  • Why did Batman and Robin visit the bank? To check their “Bat-balances.”
  • Why did Batman go to the art museum? He heard there was a new exhibit on “Bat-casso.”
  • Batman’s workout playlist? “Bat-tle Hymn of the Republi-can.”
  • Why did Batman start a gardening show? He had a knack for “Bat-terning” plants.
Funny Jokes about Batman

Crazy Jokes for Batman:

  • Batman and Robin decided to open a zoo – it was a real “Bat-menagerie.”
  • Why did Batman and Superman start a hair salon? To save the world from bad hair days!
  • Batman tried surfing, but he couldn’t catch a “Bat-wave.”
  • What’s Batman’s favorite musical? “Phantom of the Bat-opera.”
  • Batman and the Flash raced, but Batman said, “I can’t compete – I’m just a bit “Bat-slow.”
  • Why did Batman become an archaeologist? He wanted to uncover the “Bat-tle of the Ages.”
  • Batman went to a comedy show, but he had to leave early – he kept doing “Bat-terruptive” laughter.
  • Why did Batman and Robin start a petting zoo? They had a soft spot for “Bat-able” animals.
  • Batman tried to write a novel, but every story had a “Bat-plot” twist.
  • What’s Batman’s favorite board game? “Bat-ggle.”
  • Batman became a painter, specializing in “Bat-rushka” dolls.
  • Why did Batman try his hand at fashion design? He wanted to create “Bat-tire.”
  • Batman entered a cooking contest, but his dish was deemed too “Bat-landish.”
  • Batman and Robin played hide-and-seek, but Batman’s “Bat-camouflage” didn’t fool anyone.
  • Why did Batman start a comedy club? He had a flair for “Bat-stand-up.”

Hilarious Jokes on Batman:

  • Batman’s computer crashed, and he shouted, “Where’s the Ctrl-Bat-Delete?!”
  • Why did Batman and Robin take up gardening? They wanted to “sprout” new hobbies.
  • Batman tried yoga, but his “Bat-poses” were a bit too rigid.
  • What’s Batman’s favorite movie genre? “Whod-Bat-it” mysteries.
  • Batman thought about becoming a baker, but he decided he couldn’t “rise” to the occasion.
  • Why did Batman start a dog training school? He had a “Bat-command” over animals.
  • Batman played chess against the Joker, but every move was a “Bat-gamble.”
  • Batman went to a dance party, but he only knew the “Bat-tush Push.”
  • Why did Batman and Robin become weathermen? They wanted to forecast “Bat-storms.”
  • Batman became a motivational speaker, inspiring everyone to “Bat-ter themselves.”
  • What’s Batman’s favorite song? “Bat Out of Hell.”
  • Batman tried to be a tour guide, but he got lost in “Bat-terrupted” stories.
  • Why did Batman and Robin start a restaurant? They wanted to serve “Bat-ter-fried” dishes.
  • Batman and the Penguin teamed up for karaoke – it was a “Bat-astic” duet.
  • Why did Batman start gardening with Robin? They wanted to “cultivate” Bat-blooms.


And there you have it, folks – a riotous roundup of Batman jokes that’ll leave you grinning from ear to ear. Whether you’re a die-hard Dark Knight fan or just looking for a dose of superhero silliness, these jokes have got you covered. So next time you’re patrolling the streets of Gotham (or just browsing the web), remember to share a laugh with your fellow Bat-fans. If you’re hungry for more chuckles, don’t forget to visit our website for a Bat-catalog of jokes and more!

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